Gig Performer 4.5.8 available for download as free upgrade to all Deskew Technologies v4 license holders!

We just released a HUGE new update for Gig Performer 4. This update includes new features, bug fixes, and improvements and is recommended for all GP4 users.

Here’s what’s new:

Version 4.5.8

New Features

  • Recording: Gig Performer can now record audio outputs to files
  • The recording system now supports recording stereo to a single file for both input and output
  • Widgets attached to CC controllers, using the new Follow Hardware property can now automatically update to the controller value when you switch rackspaces.
  • Widgets can now be hidden when not in edit mode
  • Widgets now support various relative CC modes
  • Widgets now support MIDI Thru.
  • Implemented ability for users to change the font size of racskpace, variation, song and song part names in the left hand lists.
  • Some widget operations are now accessible in non-edit mode by holding the shift down and clicking on a widget. They include some scaling options, the ability to open the associated plugin editor, and quick access to the widget inspector.
  • Blocks can now be inserted into an Audio/MIDI path automatically by holding down the SHIFT key while dragging the block over the connection wires. Shift-dragging an already inserted block will remove it
  • Audio Options: you can now export JUST the audio settings and import them back in again - this makes it easier to support multiple audio configurations
  • The Global MIDI Monitor can now optionally display outgoing messages
  • You can now centrally define named OSC targets and use those names wherever OSC is available including GPScript
  • Added ability to copy selected entries in the plugin manager to the clipboard in CSV format
  • GP Script improvements


  • Added a button in the ChordPro window to enable or disable automatic image sizing
  • Holding the shift key down while opening the block popup menu adds new functions like “Duplicate with inputs” (The purpose of this needs explaining - it’s mainly useful for FOH)
  • Holding the SHIFT down while dragging a connection from a mono plugin will create a double connection to a stero one.
  • Recording: Added a button that opens the recordings folder for quick access
  • You are now warned if you try to clear the plugin list - the goal being to prevent accidental removal of all plugins from the manager.
  • Added a modification to work around buggy IK Multimedia plugins that process MIDI data but do not announce that they can process MIDI data to the host.
  • Implemented methods to prevent or reduce the chance of accidental widget movement when using a mouse wheel to scroll the panels.
  • We now save and restore the global transpose amount for each gig file.
  • ChordPro: added textcolor and textweight directives
  • Added ability for text in a label widget to be positioned in 9 positions rather than just being centred as well as ability to change the font color.
  • Users can now drag and drop a widget between panels (works for single widgets only).
  • PC Assignments in “All Songs” setlist will now automatically be copied when a song gets added to a new setlist
  • Song Part PC assignments can now be globally changed/applied
  • Added new menu option to copy PC assignments from “All Songs” to all other setlists
  • New Gig and New Gig from template are now in a submenu
  • OSC Subsystem now warns you if it can’t listen to the specified port
  • Audio Options: holding SHIFT key down while clicking on an input or output channel checkbox will set all of them to the inverse of the one you selected


  • SystemActions: Added parameters to retrieve previous and next song name

  • It is now possible to completely remove MIDI output association connected to a MIDI input in the rig manager.

  • A plugin can no longer be simply deleted from the plugin manager. You must remove the plugin from your system and then rescan.

  • Renderer selection is now completely disabled on OSX. OpenGL has been deprecated by Apple and the software renderer has issues.

  • Removed option to show or not show new gig dialog on startup. This is now controlled by the option to load or not load the last gig. “New Gig” menu item now has dedicated options for using the template or just starting a new empty gig

  • Plugin Blocks - removed the plugin name prefix that we were adding to blocks when dragging them in from favorites

  • You can now start/stop recording through system actions

GP Script

  • Added ability to scroll the front panel from GPScript (ScrollFrontPanel(value)), System Actions and OSC “/Action/ScrollFrontPanel”
  • GPScript now has support for timeline callbacks.
  • Inserting Include “$rig$” into the top of a GigScript will automatically look for a script with the same name as the current rig and pull that in. The idea is to be able to “fix” issues that are specific to a particular rig, such as needing to invert a sustain pedal.
  • Added function that allows you to insert a favorite – intended for use with keyboard macros
  • Added new function to open the Quick Insert Plugin dialog
  • Added ability to show or hide the Rig Manager
  • Added callback to inform if a MIDI device is connected or disconnected
  • Function generators now work in scriptlets, gigscript, song, global — experimental
  • Consolidated FingerTap into a single GPScript call - versions for RackSpace and for Scriptlets
  • The On TimePassing callback is now deprecated and replaced On GeneratorRunning
  • There is a new callback, OnGeneratorEndCycle that is called every time we hit the end of the generator cycle
  • GPScript: Added functions for getting and setting the fill,outline colors and the thickness/roundness of widgets that support such functionality
  • GPScript - implemented xor for boolean and integer (bits)
  • GPScript - added StartRecording and StopRecording functions - these replace the now deprecated function RecordInputs()
  • GPScript - added a new shortcut function to trigger a one shot timer as a single statement.
  • GetCurrentVariation and other variation-related functions when called from the Global Rackspace, now refer to the appropriate variation of the active local rackspace


  • Fixed a bug where pressing ona key in a MIDI In block keyboard would not produce a note on Windows unless the mouse is actually moved.
  • Fixed a problem where pasting or duplicating a plugin that was connected to some other plugin would cause the new plugin to also be connected to that other plugin
  • Fixed an inconsistency in time signature values between global and song/song parts.
  • Fixed a problem where main menu and shortcuts would work normally while the tuner is active rather than dismiss the tuner.
  • Fixed a problem where GP’s playhead would be delayed by a few ms when using Ableton Link to sync start and stop of play.
  • Fixed an issue with AU plugins developed using the iPlug2 SDK made where there would be no sound produced when plugin gets inserted.
  • Fixed a problem where our playhead positions could be slightly out of alignment - (fixes issue with MDrummer and skipping notes)
  • Fixed a problem where applying rig changes would not be immediately applied to the global rackspace.
  • MidiIn Block- fixed a bug where the BlockOtherCC events was blocking CC11 (Expression) which it should not have been doing.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not drop favourite and preset files onto the global rackspace.
  • Fixed a problem where some widgets connected to the global widgets would not behave consistently.
  • Fixed a problem where widgets in the global rackspace could lose their parameter association when using the new popup menu.
  • OSC - the underscore is now allowed in an OSC adddress
  • GPScript - fixed crash due to an array being defined that was larger than currently allowed
  • MidiIn Block: Fixed problem where a widget would not send out a MIDI message after switching back to a rackspace
  • Fixed a problem where real input channel names were not being shown in the audio input block.
  • Fixed a problem with repositioning a song with large number of song parts.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and optimizations


IMPORTANT: If you have the Plugin Alliance Edition of Gig Performer or the unlocked Plugin Alliance Edition please contact the Plugin Alliance for their GP4 release schedule.

Updated user manual


Congratulations! A very impressive change log!
My personal highlights so far:

  • relative CC modes - I will get rid of a lot of scripting
  • hiding widgets
  • MIDI out monitor

Currently it looks like a rainy Sunday - so I will have some time to upgrade my gig files :sunglasses:




I spend a lot of time re-ordering and testing which effect plugins I want to use in a rackspace. This feature is such as amazing timesaver!


Interested to hear more! I’m using a generator to get a callback at a specific time now, but sounds like this could be simpler…

There might still be an update required to the online GPScript documentation to include this.

On Timeline
      Print("This optional code gets executed before the code for the specific beat is triggered")
      Print("Playhead just started")
      Print("We are at bar 2 beat 2")
      SetWidgetValue(SomeWidget, 0.5)
      Print("OK -- we are a long way into the timeline now")
      Print("This optional code gets executed after the code for the specific beat is triggered")

It is interesting to see what users prefer in this update and this shows the diversity of GP.
My preferences:

  • Recording audio outputs to files + files quick access button
  • changing the font size in the left hand lists
  • widget operations accessible in non-edit mode
  • blocks can now be inserted/removed into an Audio/MIDI path automatically
  • copy selected entries in the plugin manager to the clipboard in CSV format
  • create a double connection to a stero one
  • 9 positions for text in label+ font color change

What a lot of work and thought to make it all fit together and without bugs or problems! Congratulations again :smiley:


No, it’s there

No answer from Plugin Alliance re 4.5.8 update.

Hello Bobby, here is the answer I received… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ah, I’m guessing it’s in QA being tested, when they are comfortable in its stability it will be released.


Mikey | Plugin Alliance

This was answered to me today after asking last Sunday:

Thank you for contacting support.

The GP 4.5 will be a free update. We hope to release this version soon!



it’s not fair… :worried: :worried: :worried:

I got the same reply from Plugin Alliance. Since Plugin Alliance is an authorized dealer for Gig Performer, I made the mistake of assuming that it wouldn’t matter where you purchased from. Turns out I was wrong.

Well, they’re not actually an authorized dealer. They license several several modified versions of Gig Performer designed to support their specific license/subscription system and with templates that highlight/demonstrate the plugins that they sell.