Gig Performer 4.5.8 available for download as free upgrade to all Deskew Technologies v4 license holders!

… always support the developers, because it’s worth the money…


If I had known that before, I would have bought directly from your site…

Yes, so would I.

I think about buying a second version directly from here.

But I fear, that could cause problems with two installed versions… (on Mac and Windows).

I have both editions, GP 4 PA and GP 4 official running on my computers. No problems.

I had also GP 3 PA and GP 3 Deskew running.


Thanks for the information. Does Plugin Alliance do the modifications to the software? I know they sell a version that can only use Plugin Alliance plugins but they also sell an “unlocked” version (the one I bought) that can use any plugin. I assumed that the unlocked version was the same as the version you can download from the Gig Performer website. If there are differences, I would have thought Plugin Alliance would be required to disclose the differences as a part of the licensing agreement.

PA cannot make changes to our software apart from their licensing.

Once you register the official Deskew edition of GP - we will not even attempt to connect to the internet again to check your license unless you do a major upgrade to your system in which case we may ask you to register again on startup.

Once registered though - rest assured that we will not interrupt your sessions in any way.

We’re performing musicians as well and have been in situations where a plug-in or a DAW starts asking for registration in the middle of a song.

GP will never do that.

How PA’s licensing works, when do they ask to connect to the internet- we don’t know and have no control over. Please contact PA for more information about their licensing package.

Hope this explanation helps.


How do you do this? I’m not finding any menu options for it.

Make sure you have the latest version of GP running (V4.5.8), then have a look at the manual:

→ item “Hide”


News from Plugin Alliance:
"Your support ticket is now resolved.

If you believe that the ticket has not been resolved, simply reply to this thread within 24 hours and the ticket will reopen. Otherwise, no action is needed and the ticket will automatically close.

If the issue is resolved, we hope you’ll let us know how we did and fill out the customer satisfaction survey below. Your feedback is valuable to us, as we are always looking for ways to improve!

Plugin Alliance Support Team"

And my answer:
“No. It is not resolved.
Answering that it will be a free update and that they hope to update soon is not a good resolution of the problem.
I need to know when “soon” is.
At the moment, compared to the rest of Gig Performer users I feel like a 3rd division player
They have been enjoying the update for more than 2 weeks and you ask me to rate their management.
Well, the valuation is already underway: you send me very good offers every day, but I am not going to take any offer (except the free ones, of course) until that day “soon” with which they have answered me.
I don’t think it’s fair what you are doing with the Plugin Alliance users that we acquired Gig Performer with you. Our money when we paid it was valid then.”

What can we do know? A lot of PA GP users? Does it exist a PA community?

PA customers are 100% part of this community as far as discussion, questions, contributions are concerned.

The only thing Deskew cannot address is updates and purchases for PA customers, which must be done through the PA site.


We don’t make a difference in this community forum, there is only one GP for us. But we don’t really deal with licensing question, whatever it is Deskew or PA, as it is something where we cannot really help here. For everything else, you are at the right place regarding GP :wink:


Sorry I was not clear, asking for a PA community to claim efficiently about this version not updated. and let people know… Today 4.5.8 is not still available there/
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@Charrinho thank you for the report, but as we stated - please post this into relevant PA forums, FaceBook groups and other PA social channels if you wish.

Posting it here makes no difference - we do not have control over PA release schedule. If you wish to ask, address or complain about it - please use PA channels and social outlets as well as their support.

Thank you.

It is understood. It’s our problem.
But since our Gig Performer license is fully legal, I ask you to change the title of this post please. My eyes hurt when I read that title.

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Hey @bassoon

I haven’t seen on the PA Facebook group that anybody complained :slight_smile: That also may be the right place to express your feelings.

Your strength is when you contact and hurry up companies in large groups. I say this in general for any company over any issue, i.e. releases, bugs or features. They will probably respond or support something quicker or at least make higher priority if many people contact them.

So my advice is - contact them via their available channels.



Thank you very much for your advice, npudar.
I will do so


I’m getting fed up and have just bought a second version directly from here (Deskew).

On Windows I now have two versions, on my MacBook I have the 4.5.8, the other version is lost after installation, but i do not need it on my MacBook.

Plugin Alliance now has v 4.5.8 available - bit late to the party!


Great news!

So, just download the installer for 4.5.8 from the Manage Registered Plugins page and install the new version and it replaces the old one? [sorry not directed to Deskew professionals, just other users]


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