[Gig] Note Incrementer and Chord Mapper

This gig file consists of two scriptlet plugins: Note Incrementer and Note to Chord Mapper.

They complement each other, providing a way to play a chord progression by pressing a single button on your MIDI controller. For example, a guitarist could press a footswitch repeatedly to control a plugin that’s playing a backing chord sequence.

The Note Incrementer has all its controls available as parameters in the scriptlet (mirrored as widgets in this gig file). The Note to Chord Mapper only has the Bypass parameter available. The actual mappings between the source note and the target chord are defined with the script itself.

The mappings are simple to update - use the Edit Script button at the top the scriptlet window. The Note to Chord Mapper scriptlet could be easily replaced by a third-party plugin that performs a similar function.

Download: Note Incrementer and Chord Mapper.gig (209.9 KB)

Credits: @rank13