Note Triggering

Hi all,

Has anyone ever triggered a note with a momentary switch (ie" a sustain pedal)?
I have a sample I need to trigger in Kontakt, and have run out of hands!
Can this be done via a widget, or would I need some type of script, or am I S.O.L?


Sure! Just use a widget and learn it parameter-wise to the desired note of a midi-in block.


I was thinking of doing this exact same thing, but going a little further. How would you go about using one pedal, but repeated depresses would trigger notes (samples) incrementally up the scale? I suppose possibly a second pedal to “increment back down” would be desirable as well.
Would that be a scriplet, or a script?

Have a look at this for some ideas.


I use the Audio Player a lot to trigger samples and backgrounds.
A script (from this forum and adapted to my rackspace) activated on a Midi In block connected to the Audio Player allows me to launch a new sound incremented at each press.
The CC value must be modified in the script (CC24 in mine) according to the value of the MIDI controller used to trigger the PLAY widget.

I also think that in terms of saving resources, this is a nice solution rather than using a sampler plugin if it is not needed for other functions.

Player cc24 trig.rackspace (153.1 KB)

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