[Gig] Custom metronome with visual feedback

This gig file features a custom metronome built around the System Actions and KeysOfThe70s plugins. Please switch to the Global rackspace to see it.


It will provide us with the following functionality:

  • Visual feedback - the accent and beat buttons will light up at appropriate times.
  • Change notes - you can easily change the notes for accent and beat respectively.
  • Volume controls - easily change the volume of the Accent and Beat.
  • Global Play - toggle the global playhead.
  • Metronome control - you can turn this custom metronome on or off (perhaps you might want to use the built-in metronome instead).
  • Cut MIDI - this feature provides visual feedback only. Sound is not generated (MIDI events won’t come into the sound generating plugin).
  • GP Metronome - this toggles the built-in Gig Performer metronome.

It is located on the right side so you can add other useful widgets to the rest of the panel.

Download: Metronome-Global.gig (202.2 KB)

Credits: @npudar

Note: Learn more about it in this blog article.