Free Plugin for Chord Playing

Found an interesting plugin:


Really nice and simple utility. Above all, a lot of community presets !

At a time I should try such a chord plugin because I never understood the interest for musicians who know what a chord is… :face_with_monocle: When you are very busy as a single keyboardist and you want to play a chord pad or something? :thinking:

How cool is that community preset system! Playing them directly in the web browser with your keyboard to test before you download.

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Good find :wink: !!

Ohh don’t underestimate the power of notes remapping and one “key-chords”
This my example came to mind…


Nice job! This both intrigues and confuses me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Was there blowing involved?

nop… just playing; independent instruments one for each hand, 4 fingers right hand “melody” (keys mapped for needed notes)
4 fingers left hand “bass and chords” so to explain it…

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This is lovely. Love the Eigenharps. I think there’s nothing as expressive in the electronics world. Wish they concentrated on just making the midi instruments.

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Trackbout has updated Ripchord to version 2.4.0 with the following changes:

New Features:

  • There is now a MIDI recorder built into Ripchord.
  • You can now drag & drop MIDI from Ripchord into your DAW.
  • There is now a power button to disable the preset chords, but maintain the MIDI routing and allow notes to pass through.
  • Ripchord can now import “Type 1” MIDI files as well as “Type 0” MIDI files.
  • You can now export the current preset as a MIDI file.
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