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This is the place where you can find and share gigs and rackspace files with other users.

Each submission must be approved by a moderator after it has been tested.

To submit a rackspace or gig - please follow these rules.

  • Include a descriptive title so people can quickly see if it’s something in which they are interested
  • Make sure you attach your gig or rackspace file to the post
  • You have to submit one screenshot of your GP - please do not use images wider than 1280px
  • In the topic itself - please include detailed description, instructions, howto’s and anything else you might think appropriate.

Important: rackspaces and gigfiles that you download from this site do not actually include the underlying plugins
If you do not already own a plugin used by these rackspaces or gigfiles, you will need to download (and if not free, purchase) the respective plugin to be able to use it.