For free: Izotope Iris 2

Plugin-Boutique in cooperation with Beatport give away the “Iris 2” synth VST from Izotope.
The regular price is about $140! (And i think, the synth sounds really good)

You’ll have to have an account on Plugin-Boutique, then go there
place it in the basket and use the coupon code „IRISBP“ which will set the price to $0
In addition (it’s another discount deal on PB) you may even choose another of the following Izotope plugins for free as well:
Ozone 9 Elements, Neutron 3 Elements or Nectar Elements
I’d say: A no-brainer!

EDIT: This coupon is only valid until November, 30th.


Indeed I got it for 0€ :wink:


Anyone else having a problem with IRIS 2 VST3 crashing GP? VST opens fine but VST3 crashes every time for me on Windows 10.

Confirmed. VST3 crashes.

It works fine in Reaper and stand-alone.

VST3 is definitely crashing inside iZotope code. Please submit a report to them - we will do the same.

Thank you.

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It crashes gp every time I try and load the vst. Messaged the company and they said they dont support use in gp. Shame looked like a reasonable plugin.

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It crashes several other hosts as well :innocent:

I guess thats why its free lol

Yes VST3 crashes inside their code. Please submit the crash results to them regardless and ask them to add GP to their list…

Then it should start to work again, because the price is returned to 149€ :wink:


hi, I did submit the crash results and also got on a web chat with them. They didnt appear to be bothered the product crashed, just apologised that it did and stated GP was not supported.

Is there any host or DAW that crashes with VST3 and that is officially supported?

If so, please name me one, I’ll write them.

Unfortunately we will have to advise our users to stay away from iZotope if they continue to keep their head in the sand.

I personally love iZotope plugins, but the issue and the crash is clearly happening in their code and not only in GP. Saying that GP is not supported and having that be the official answer is somewhat lame.

We’ll see if they fix things soon, but if now - we will simply have to advise our users not to use their plugins until they officially start to support GP.


Examples: Crashes on Camelot on OSX

|0   com.izotope.audioplugins.VST.Iris2|0x000000010b916211 0x10b8e2000 + 213521|
|1   com.audiomodeling.CamelotAM   |0x0000000105e98047 
|2   com.audiomodeling.CamelotAM   |0x0000000105e95395

“Camelot is not an officially supported host for Iris 2, so we cannot guarantee that Iris 2 will operate completely.”

“Officially supported hosts for iris 2 are: Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Pro Tools 10 - 12”

As I already mentioned - we may have to start advising our users not to use iZotope plugins until they put GP on the list of “supported” hosts. The bug is clearly within the plugin itself.

I wrote them too. Let’s see what answer I get :smiley:

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Just confirming: today I tried Iris 2 and (like has been reported here) it crashed Gig Performer upon insertion of the plugin.
I sent a support request on the iZotope website.