Foot switch(es) or no?

Curious who is using footswitches to move between song-parts or rackspaces or variations and if that is a good solution and if so what are you using hardware wise to do this?

I am using buttons on my S88 MKII to navigate between song parts.
Works pretty fine.

Almost every guitarist would be doing this. There are many MIDI foot switch controllers out there - they should all work fine with GP

I’m using a Behringer FCB1010 with the UNO chip. I’m a keyboard player using a Roland RD700sx. The Roland is limited on its external controls. With the UNO chip I was able to use one of the FCB1010 buttons as a sustain pedal. So, the FCB is the only thing I have on the floor at this time.

I use the GT Mastermind

I use the two remaining pedals of the Fatar VFP-3-10 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As a guitarist, I need keeping both hands on my instrument.

I have used Roland FC300 which is too big, too heavy.

I use now Line6 FBV Express MKII + Midi Expression iO

Using footswitches here - custom MIDI controller but essentially doing what all of the above do. It works great!

Only thing to watch out for is for controllers which send a Note On/Off pair on each foot press - when learning in GP it will ‘grab’ the last signal it sees and so in this case will assign the Note Off to the widget which can give a small delay in setting the widget from the physical press. If the controller can be set just to send a Note On then that makes things much more seamless with no noticeable latency from button press to widget set.

I talked about it here:

I use an iPad sending over wireless controlled by a Pageflip BT pedal

I use a Nektar Pacer. It is possible to sync the LEDs on the switches to widgets in GP. But there is still a bit of work to get this set up, even with the web editor (not developed by the vendor).

I use an ordinary sustain pedal to do the job. Works fine!

I use a pedal to MIDI interface for both switches and pedals.
Not the cheapest solution, but it works well:

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Yep! Two Yamaha FC5, one plugged into motif and one into the Yamaha MFC10, going into my laptop. Both are set to send midi cc increment, a +1 message on, I believe it’s cc 96.

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