First note out of Kontakt is delayed

On the three Kontakt instances I’ve checked, the first note played on the first activation of each rackspace is delayed ~200 ms (total SWAG… definitely noticeable, but less than a half second). I’ve tested this on three rackspaces. Two use Hammonds from the Kontakt Organs library and one is a three instrument multi with Marimba, Vibes, and Flute. Subsequent activations within the same session do not produce the delay.

Using Predictive loading, if the rackspaces are unloaded and reloaded, the delay occurs.

Windows 10 Pro
Xeon L3360
Samsung 840 SSD

Yes - this is a known Kontakt issue and many users reported it to NI. It happens with any plugin host.

This happens with Kontakt Istruments that use the convolution effect as an insert effect.
NI knows about that and they accepted it as a bug.

Tomorrow I get the new Kontakt 6 and will check if the bug still exists.

For this issue I created a workaround:

In the On Activate event of the rackspace I am sending a very short note with very low velocity.
So when I start playing, the issue does not exist.
In my case this is working because I do not switch rackspaces within a song :wink:


Thanks for the info. I’ll do the workaround as I am not on the annual upgrade cycle with NI and will wait until there’s enough new to justify the upgrade. I just made it to K5, having put off the Komplete upgrade for a few years.

I don’t change rackspaces in a song (except for one that I am still working on), but it is still an issue because, if I change rackspaces and don’t preview a note, then my entrance into the song will be mangled.

Curious. I never noticed it before, but just confirmed that the behavior is the same in Forte.

Does the issue occur every time you switch to that particular Rackspace or only the first time you switch to it (then the issue disappears with all subsequent switches to that Rackspace)?

It has nothing to do with switching. It seems to be related to the first time that the instrument is played. It’s astonishing to me that such a fundamental bug has not been addressed by them. Luckily it’s really easy to send a very brief note with velocity 1 to Kontakt automatically during activation via GP Script to get around the problem.

Did anyone confirm if this was ‘fixed’ in Kontakt 6?



It is not.
I was in discussion with support and they told me it is a known bug.
But they did not promise to fix it.
It only happens with bus effects using the convolution effect…

Thanks for the prompt response. I guess I must primarily not use any instruments that use convolution. I had only noted this particularly in a rock guitar instrument from the factory library, but it is rather annoying. I will use the scripting strategy to try to resolve moving forward for that one instance I’ve experienced it.

I earlier times - when I was using MainStage - I loaded the concert and played some notes in every patch and instrument before the show.
You could do the same when you do not use predictive load in Gig Performer.
This way you will not have the issue with delayed notes :wink:

I’ve been trying to make this script for some time, and I’ve found that obviously I’m no programmer.

I know this is an old thread, but where do I find the ‘On Activate” command please?

On Activate Is something used for programming with the GP programming language GPScript. If you have an issue for which you think you would need this, I think it is better to describe the issue first. As usually we will try to help :wink:

The issue is with some Instruments in Kontakt which use specific Bus Effects.
Like the Rhodes Scarbee you get with Komplete.
The very first played note gets a noticeable delay.
In one of my rackspace I send a note with verlocity = 1 (you can not really hear that played note) to the Midi In block connected to Kontakt.
Native Instruments is aware of this “feature” (it is a bug) and I know that they officially entered that as a Bug in their tracking system.
They said they will fix it with one of the upcoming Updates.
This bug is about 2 years officially tracked, in the meantime they released Kontakt 6
and the bug is not fixed.

So the workaround with the on Activate Event could help.

I’ve had an issue on another thread about getting Realibanjo strumming ok. Now that it’s working, I noticed that there was a delay in starting by about 1/2 beat. I didn’t realise that there was a bug in Kontact that caused this. I just thought the on activate command might have helped me.

Could you upload that work around for me? I’ve looked at the scripting manual several times and have tried a couple times to get a script to send a low velocity note when the rack space is switched to, but have never been able to get it to work.

Some basic questions that people with some programming knowledge would know, leave me scratching my head. Like if I want to put in a note value, would I put C4 or 64?
NoteOnEvent Callback and NoteOffEvent Calback verses NoteEvent Callback? Don’t know what the difference is.

Clear as mud to me… :laughing:
I’d appreciate the help.

Here it is.
This is the used script, you have to give the MIDI In Block connected to Kontakt a handle, so it can be referenced in scripting.
When the rackspace “Kontakt” is activated a short (and hopefully) unheard not is played.
This way you will not face the issue with delayed notes when you start playing for the first time.

This is the script:

var MIN : MidiInBlock

on Activate
 PlayNote(MIN,   // Handle to the MidiInBlock connected to Kontakt
          C3,    // Played Note
          1,     // Velocity
          1,     // Midi Channel
          0,     // Delay in ms before note is played
          10)    // Duration of played note in ms

KontaktBug.gig (98.2 KB)

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The NoteEvent is called when a Note On or a Note Off Message is detected.
The NoteOnEvent is called when a Note On event is detected
The NoteOffEvent is called when a Note Off event is detected

When you use the NoteEvent and want to react when the Note On message is get you have to check within the event, what message it is - Note On or Note Off.

Whenever you use a NoteOn Event or NoteOff or NoteEvent you have to send out the
correct message via scripting, so you are responsible what happens with this catches events.