First Gig In A Couple Weeks With GP

I’m a long-time (cough, old) keyboard player who’s always used Korgs and Rolands, dragging them along with everything else to gigs for 35 years. In 2 weeks, all of that ends as I play my first gig with 2 M-Audio controllers (88 and 61 key), my laptop with virtual keyboards, and Gig Performer holding it all together.

I’ve been rehearsing a lot and haven’t seen a glitch yet - kudos on an awesome program - but of course I have some nerves about switching quickly enough between songs (the singer reads the crowd and calls from a 70 song list that I’ve got stored as a gig).

So, fingers crossed, I have buttons mapped to go through the set and hope I can hit them fast enough to possibly go from song 3 to song 63 without too much of a delay (ha!). Will update on my story using GP as the prep and the show goes on. The band that I just joined will be performing 60 shows or more a year, so I’m hopeful GP can be my hero!

Thanks for the program.


If you have a hardware keyboard or touch screen with onscreen keyboard, you can use CTRL+F to find a song from setlist. Just start typing a name of the song and the filter will take care of the rest. I use this system since most of the times our singer reads the crowd too. It really works great!

So, welcome to the GP community @StardogSam :wink:

Welcome to that new era !!

There is also cmd+J for "Quick Jump to Rackspace/Variation

You ain’t the only one :kissing:

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Another silver GP’er here too:) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks for the kind words, encouragement and tips! Great group of musicians here.

3 days before the first show with GP. I have done multiple tests with the entire show loaded, left the laptop on all day and tested for memory leaks in my plugins, etc., etc… Everything seems to be rock solid!

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:crossed_fingers: :cold_face: :ok_hand:

24 hours to go before showtime! There are still plenty of improvements I can make to my workflow, but I’m happy and excited about hitting the stage with my new rig. GigPerformer has been a revelation for me, after decades of carrying around synths and not having exactly the right sounds based on the limitations of the hardware. Now I can bring a Vox Continental, Wurlitzer, Hammond and a grand piano to the show and switch to them immediately with zero glitches. Thanks, GP!


For those who offered suggestions and support the past 2 weeks, THANK YOU! And a massive thanks to Gig Performer - I had 75 different rackspaces loaded with plugins in a single setlist and every single patch loaded almost instantly with ZERO glitches. I can’t say enough about Gig Performer and spent a good amount of time at the show last night explaining the software and how it works. You have an outstanding piece of software that has changed my views on live performance forever, and Gig Performer has a customer for life. Thanks to all!


Thanks for the kind words.

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Stardog sam;
Nice story & inspiring, I wish I was as Fast as you getting things organized. Nothing like a deadline right? KB

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I’m still organizing (haha) but have gotten through 2 shows, my 3rd is tonight. So far, outstanding performance from GP!

So happy to look at this kind of story :slight_smile:
New to Gig Performer too and I already feel it’s gonna be rock solid !
Always had problems with Mainstage + Keyscape …

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Now through 3 gigs, two more this week…and I have zero issues with GigPerformer. It’s rock solid for me and I change patches/rackspaces around 45 times per show. Not a single glitch. :smile: