Fade-in Bypass

Hi everyone,

If I have 2 vst instruments riding in tandem is it possible to create a “fade-in” bypass effect in GP4 so that when I enable/disable an instrument it fades in or out slowly. I am wondering if this might involve a script, or joining of a bypass button with a fader. Is this sort of automation possible in GP4?

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I think if you search for ‘Fade in’, you’ll find quite a few relevant topics that may help you out.

Thanks - I have had a look and the topic that caught my eye was this one!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I am a newbie to GP4 so scripting is beyond my current knowledge. There is some discussion about faders when activating a rack space etc. I only have 2 rack spaces currently - everything is experimental for me right now in GP4 (less so as the trial period goes on).

So essentially my question is can I trigger a fade with a bypass switch to sweetly remove an instrument from the mix. I am sure on day it’ll seem really easy to me!

Hi, did you see this post? It has scripts for both fade-in and fade-out.


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You can!
But if you bypass a plugin after having it finally faded out, there might be still some notes playing (even if you won’t hear them) and this could cause hanging notes, because there never was a note-off for them. But this behaviour might also depend on the particular plugin.
So if this should be handled properly, that situation has to be taken care of, say:

  1. Fade out
  2. send a note-off for all notes still playing
  3. bypass the plugin

I actually use such an automation script in one or two rackspaces and it works pretty well with one press of a button to switch/crossfade between (i.e.) a piano and a lead sound and back.
I’ll have to look for it when i have my music-PC connected again…
To make the use of scripting easier for non-programmers, GP4 supports the so called “Scriptlets” which are user-made plugins that hold a ready-made script for a special task. Those can basically be used like any other plugin.
Maybe these Scriptlets can be a first aid for the moment:


To learn more about the use of Scriptlets see:


Thank you @schamass - great reply that contains what I need to know! I will experiment with these scripts. As a new user, on a trial it is sometimes useful to know that something is possible - even if I don’t have time to try before the trial ends.

5 days left on the trial…I am leaning strongly toward GP4 right now! Having such a great forum is a factor in this too