Fade in - Attack?

What are some ways to have an instrument (such as String Section) fade in?
I think the setting that effects the fade in, is named: “Attack” AHDSR

using Kontakt 6 using the basic Orch Library.
If possible, looking for a way to fade in without the need to go into each individual instrument. that way any VST could be swapped out.

I use this free ADSR plugin for triggering fade ins on some synths. It might work for you.

cool it looks like it will let me inject a thrilling groove.

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A separate ADSR is unlikely to be useful, particularly for any synth that is polyphonic

some type of audio volume swell might work if that’s possible. would need a way to set the attack curve.

But if you’re playing a polyphonic instrument then you’ll generally want each note to be controlled by the ADSR curve.

If the ADSR is outside, then the first note you play will trigger it and all subsequent notes will just be “on”

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That’s a good pont @dhj
maybe just need to effect the AUDIO VOLUME to fade in so polyphonic ADSRis not needed.
Playing around with:
MATRIX DIVISI Version 2 - Beta
(MATRIX DIVISI Version 2 - Beta)