Exporting & Default Settings

Hi all,

I have been in “power programming” mode all weekend and had 2 questions that I could find answers to on my own:

  1. does GP have an option to assign a “Default Amount” of Max Audio Channels per plugin? Every I load a new instance of a plugin with multiple outputs (which for me is most of them) like Kontakt, Sampletank, etc. I always change the Max Audio Channels down to 2 to clean up clutter and save screen space.

  2. does GP allow exporting in the FXP/FXB format? I know it can import, but when I create a custom preset for a plugin, sometimes I need to replicate those sounds elsewhere, and an FXP file is extremely helpful.


Not per plugin, but per plugin block
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Thanks, @pianopaul
I was looking for it in MIDI and Plugin areas…didn’t think to look in the Display area.


It is possible to save a plugin preset:
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And load it again.
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As I know export in FXP/FXB Format is not possible.
Why do you need that?


Because sometimes (like last night) I will create a custom preset for a plugin, but I need to replicate it somewhere outside of GP (like in a DAW).

OK, and when you save that as a preset in the plugin itself?

Just use the plugin’s own preset management

Well…the plugin is not on the same computer, so it’s irrelevant.


To clarify - I have the laptop and the workstation computer. FXP files have been the only way I ever knew to transfer custom presets for plugins installed separately. Unless there is another way…

Huh? When you save a preset using the plugins preset management, the info will be saved in a file and you just copy that file to another machine

Did you try to do that?


Like I said earlier, David…I am trying to move a custom preset made for a plugin created in GP, to the same plugin installed on another computer being used outside of GP.

So…am I missing something (very possible) or are you?


I guess what they are saying is

  1. Save the preset using the GP’s Save Preset to a file
  2. On a second computer load that plugin into GP and Load the preset from the file you moved there
  3. Save the preset as a new preset on that computer within the plugin

Now you can load it anywhere else on that new computer …


Thank you for the reply. That will work providing there is GP on the 2nd computer.
If not, I guess I’ll just have to write everything down and do it manually.


You can always install GP quickly anywhere. You get a 2 week trial that will allow you to do anything.
Beyond that - our license allows 3 SIMULTANEOUS computers so you can register and unregister from the help menu in minutes.

Thank you, @djogon

Exporting to FXP would be a helluva lot easier. I guess there’s not much of a call to move data outside of GP.
In any event, it’s not an everyday occurrence. I’ll work around it.


What plugin are you trying to use? While most plugins should let you do this, Nebojsa has just pointed out that some plugins apparently do not have the ability to export/save their settings independently – apparently Positive Grid BIAS doesn’t let you do this. I view that as a seriously lacking feature of the plugin.

That said, there is no way for a host to save the settings of a plugin in the plugin’s proprietary format (the format will be proprietary to the plugin) so as to be able to reload that preset in the plugin independently of the host.

And, while Nebojsa’s suggestion will certainly work (save the preset as a preset using GP’s format) and then reload that preset via GP on another computer), it’s also the case that most plugin hosts can’t even do that! For example, if you were using Logic Pro, you would have to save the entire project and reload it in a different computer. At least GP lets you just save a tiny piece.

This cannot be done — the format of the contents of an FXP file is proprietary to the plugin – there’s no independent standard available. The plugin itself has to be support such functionality.

For example, here’s the Legend (a Minimoog emulator)

Well, as I said…I was able to grab a bunch of custom presets I created from the old rig by exporting FXP files from Forte and importing them into GP (plugin for plugin, obviously). But sometimes I need to create those sound in my DAW for demos and rehearsal prep. So I was just looking to replicate a process I had been doing previously.



I just downloaded the Forte manual to try and understand what you were doing. As far as I can tell, they just provided the ability to get the info from the plugin without opening the plugin editor window.
So any VST2 plugin that supports FXP should let you open the plugin editor and use the plugin’s preset management to save the preset as an FXP file. We just didn’t provide a shortcut in GP itself (FXP files are a very “old” thing that few people use anymore) and I think you’re probably the first person ever to ask for this :slight_smile: