Drum VST in Gig Performer


I am using Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 within Gig Performer.
I would like to hear from you, what Drum VST you use?


I have the “Strike 2” VST from Air Music Technology.
It sounds really good and it offers a whole lot of diffrent instruments, styles and variations (including fills, endings, etc.) to chose from and it is really well to use for playing live (triggering patterns), but i don’t really like it to use in my DAW (Cubase) - for this i prefer the “built in” Groove Agent.
BTW: Strike 2 is quite low-priced (as long as you don’t buy it from Air-Music directly :wink: ) and offers a real good value for the money - at least in my opinion.


I use a real drummer😉


PS - the drummer in my Pink Floyd tribute band uses V-Drums and he’s using Gig Performer with Superior Drummer, for whatever that’s worth.


Superior Drummer 3 sounds super


Addictive Drums and am about to try StevenSlateDrums.


Superior Drummer 3