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I have set up the Qcon Pro G2 to control a number of Widgets/parameters on GP 4.1.5., and the faders work alright (bi-directional with GP), but the display of the G2 keeps saying “Mackie Control mode selected”, rather than indicating the programmed functions over the respective faders (which I have assigned to various EQ parameters).

In Cubase or Samplitude, such an individual per/channel display comes up automatically on the iCon. Can anybody point me to a solution? thanks!

I do this with the display unit (DU) of my Icon Platform M+. I suppose it could work the same way on your unit. You have to decide what you want to display and do it using GPScript. The idea is to send the proper SysEx to display what you want.

Thanks, most helpful. I’ll look into GPScript, then! cheers.

Ok, I have tried to educate myself on the topic, it’s deeper than I’d hoped/feared;) The documentation is comprehensive but I’m struggling to apply the abstract directives to my use case.

also, I bemoan that this thread
ICON Qcon PRO - #22 by Maggiau
has ended exactly at the cliffhanger.

Are there any templates around for what I am trying to achieve? I’ll be happy to compensate contributors for their help/work, just to get me going. Considering myself a decent learner but this code language thing is really a tough nut.

Thanks, and happy new year!

What exactly do you try to achieve?

I have a functional (bi-directional) Midi correspondance between the faders of my G2 controller and EQ parameters in a GP Module (an AMEK emulation from PluginAlliance). I want the G2 to display the parameter names of the respective faders. Right now, the entire display is sat at “Mackie Control Selected”. When the G2 talks to i.e. Cubase, the channel names are called up automatically.

Always the same names?

Fader 1 is Low Freq, fader 2 is Low gain. 3 is LowMid Freq, 4 is LowMidGain, 5 is LowMid Q etc… The names are from the EQplugin itself (Amek channel strip emulation).
Did I understand your question correctly?

My question was: will you always display the same names? Or do you sometimes need to display other names?

By the way, if the display unit you have on your model is similar to mine, you will have two lines of 6 characters available (+1 character usefull to display a separator) for displaying what you want to display.

Which will look like that:

well, ideally, the names would correspond to the PlugIn parameters connected to the faders, and if the PlugIn changes, or different parameters address a second bank of faders, the names would obviously differ. I was somehow thinking GP could send those names to the iCon, just like e.g. Cubase or Samplitude would, but from your first reply it seems the names have to be input manually, and sent via SysEx, right?

And yes, your display character allocations match those on the G2. Are your display values adapting to new source data on the fly, or have you input a fixed array of display names on your M+?

Thanks, and happy new year!

Yes, I do many different thing with my control surface like controlling the mixer software of my audio interface, or the plugin levels and bypass state in my rackspace. So sometimes the label display the mixer channel names or the plugin names. It is very specific to my own needs.

Would it be OK for you to have, in your Rackspaces, specific label widgets which names are displayed on your control surface?

you mean widgets manually named by me, so as to conform to the control surfaces character limits, as opposed to auto-generated (by the PlugIn) widget names? Absolutely.

Yes, exactly. For this, we could imagine having a set of labels with specific handles in each Rackspace.

Ok, made the labels, learned them to their respective faders, as hoped those new assignments don’t override/delete the fader assignments, which still work.
My dumb Qcon G2 dsiplay still says “Mackie Control mode selected”, so I guess this is where the script would come into play?

If I remember well (sorry I did this programming for a while now and am not next to my hardware), my control surface has some kind of User Custom Mode in which you can even choose the MIDI message for each of the controls. But I perhaps only choosed the MCU mode, I don’t remember well.

Without a GPScript sending the proper SysEx, you won’t be able to modify your display. If I find some time, I will try to send you a GPScript which retrieves some Label Widget names and display it on the control surface…

that would be highly appreciated, thank you!

The QCon is a MCU protocol based unit, and there is a GigPerformer extension available for this. See this thread: MCU Protocol Control Extension - GP Extensions - Gig Performer Community

I believe it will do what you are looking to do without requiring you to do any scripting. There is some documentation on using it available on the GitHub page.

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So please @kanter, tell us if the GP extension works for you.

Thank you Vindes! I’ve installed the extension and am working my way through your detailed instructions on the included pdf.
After creating and naming the text widgets for the MIDI communication as per §“Setting the MIDI Ports”, are the faders in GP meant to communicate with the QCon right away? because I still had to midi learn each one of them. Also, I see your extension was updated to accomodate GP 4.7, while I’m still on 4.1.5., could that be an issue?

Could you update for the last GP version?