Disabling the 'bop' sound in macOS


I often make tweaks to GigPerformer during rehearsals. Quite often, at the end of whatever edit I’ve made (e.g. swapping out one plugin for another), GP provides a system ‘bop’ sound to presumably indicate that whatever I"ve asked the application to do has been completed. As I’m plugged into the PA, this is quite loud and a little annoying to myself and the rest of the band.

Is there a way to disable this?


Disable the system sounds.

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Is that in the OS or in GP? (Can’t seem to find that option in GP)

Yes, in the OS.

Yep, probably a good idea for a lot of reasons.

does GP make any sounds like that? I’ve never heard them, and it seems like it would be antithetical to an app designed for live performance!

I’ve never heard this

In Windows/System/Sound/Mixer, mute system sounds then check if this solves the problem.

For sure it comes from the OS, not from GP.

Of course not.

Good - just wanted to be absolutely clear about that, that the “bop” sounds were NOT coming from GP!

Mute switch?

Are you using a separate audio interface or just connecting your laptop internal audio to the PA?

Separate audio interface dhj.

Thanks everyone - the culprit was indeed the Apple ‘Boop’ system sound. Now disabled and problem solved!


Yes, per the Mac optimization guide, we advise users to turn off these sounds.

Link: [blog] Optimize your Mac for a gig

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