Direct input of my guitar heard alone with Plugin

HI All

I have a problem with my setup when using GP.

My Implementation:

Fireface 800 is used as a mixer ( total mix) with the output the HDSP 9652’s spdif hard patched into the input of the fireface 800 spdif input.

My System:
Windows 10 i7 32gig ram

My Audio:
Fireface 800
2 - HDSP 9652 cards

The Problem:
If I use any software DAW ( ie PT , Cubase, Reaper ) I have no problems.
If I use Jamkazam I have no problems.

When I use GP and patch a live input like guitar from a plugin like S-Gear I get a mix of direct input and return of the S-Gear plugin.

S-Gear stand alone works without hearing the direct input of the guitar.

How can I overcome this.

Thank you

When you remove the audio connection from the plugin to the audio out in Gig performer,
do you hear the guitar signal?

Thank you for your reply, No I don’t hear anything if I remove the plugin patch to my audio output. It is like it is alway in direct monitoring in a DAW.

And when the plugin is connected you hear the processed sound and then dry signal?
Can you upload a small gig file?

No, I hear a blend of the direct guitar and the processed guitar from the plugin without the ability to only hear the processed guitar.

I will upload in time.

thank you again

And when then plugin is removed - no signal from Audio In to the Audio Out in Gig Performer -
you cannot hear any signal?

Correct. If the patch in GP is broken / taken away, no audio is present.

It seems to me GP is alway giving a blend of the wet/dry without giving me a control to adjust the blend.

Thank you

No, there is something different.

Can you upload a small gig, I could check?

I will ASAP


Any chance there is a dry/wet balance option in your plugin?

Does this mean that you have tried other plugins and also get the dry/direct signal?

Yes, I have tried a few others, and all do the same. So If I click the bypass I hear the dry only. If on s gear guitar plug in I click the tuner it mutes the whole signal as expected. So the bypass in red let’s me hear the dry side only but that dry side is alway in the the path.


So, please follow the request of @pianopaul and post a gig file :wink:

s gear test.gig (16.5 KB)

Please include a gain plugin and mute that

Then play your guitar, do you hear any sound?

How do you identify the dry side?

Total mutes if I use your signal path and mute at the Gain plugin.

I hear the dry side in less gain guitar patches and if I click the bypass I hear the dry side.

this dry side is heard with any on my guitar plugins like BIAS FX 2, Spark , and any other plugin I have.

I believe it tis the way GP 4 is handling the plug but I would love conformation from other users please.