Different VST Presets per Variation in Rackspace


I’m a little confused on how to use variations. I have a basic rackspace that has 4 different synths loaded in it. Right now I have a MIDI input block for each plugin to control the layer/split for that synth, then I’m loading different presets on each plugin for different parts. However, when I change which preset is being used by a synth it changes it for all variations. Also, changing the MIDI note range for each layer changes for every variation.

I would prefer not to need a new rackspace for every single song that uses a different preset or layering arrangement, since they use the same couple of basic plugins and same signal path. Even with just a handful of rack spaces the program load time is annoyingly slow.

Is it possible to get this to work in gig performer? I’m sure I’m just making a stupid mistake…

If you want a parameter of a VST to save in different states between different variations you have to assign it to a widget. (At least as far as I know.)

Depending on the VST, it may be practical to assign all the parameters you want to change to widgets, but for others it can become impractical or impossible depending on the VST.

Similar for layering setups. If you want different key ranges for different variations you have to assign it to a widget.

You can also do some of this with scripting, but I find it a lot easier and more practical doing it through widgets.

OK, after assigning those values to widgets I can get the layers to persist. I guess there’s no way to get preset changes to persist per variation?

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You are right.
When you want different presets of you plugins you have to use different rackspaces.
This is because the state of the plugins is stored per rackspace and not per variation.

…and all that is stored in a variation is the state of the used widgets, nothing more, nothing less.

Can you elaborate on this? Which version of GP are you running? How slow exactly? I routinely have 30-40 rackspaces in a gig, some with up to 40 plugins - yeah, it can take a minute or two but it’s never gotten in the way, I only have to do it once per show during setup. Are your plugins very sample intensive? Are you running any anti-virus apps that do real-time file monitoring?

While this is the recommended approach, if your plugins support program changes, you could associate a widget with the PC parameter of the Midi In block that’s communicating with the plugin and arrange for a different program change value to be sent when you switch variations. There are disadvantages to this approach - notably change won’t be instant, depending on the plugin (and that’s why we don’t save the whole state with a variation by the way) but it might work for you.

See this blog article that describes the approach.

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