Demo crashes on start

yesterday I downloaded the demo from Gig Performer 4 since I’m really want to test it before buy since it’s not a cheap software.

So after multiple crashes trying to use and ASIO drivers from my Behringer 404hd, update the drivers and remove ASIO4All made it work.

Then after create my first rackspace with Keyscape and a couple of Arturia synths and effects the software crashed after one or two hours.

The issue now is that when I try to open it again it tries to open the last rackspace and it crashes on start.

Is there any workaround? Also, am I doing something wrong to save a rackspace to make it crash?

And finally, is this software this unstable? I mean, I have a pretty robust machine with 12 cores, 64gb ram etc and I never had any issue running vsts.


No, it’s not unstable….it is in use by live performance musicians all over the world, many of who are high profile/well known. There is most likely something wrong with your configuration but we will need to get more information to track it down.

If you hold the Shift key down while opening Gig Performer, you will be prompted with some startup options one of which is to not reload the last gig file….that will at least let you start again.

Things that can clause crashes include bad drivers, older versions of plugins as well as antivirus products.

A crash report would be useful.

Hello @dhj,

thank you for you reply.
Sorry if my message sounded a bit harsh. It wasn’t my intention. Please don’t hate me :pleading_face:

I don’t use antivirus in this machine and I’m pretty sure my plugins in this case are all up to date because I updated all the Arturia plugins to 8.1 this week.

I used the default way to send the crash report 100% of the times it crashed. Where it keeps the crash report log files so I can get it?

I started the Application holding the shift key and it started with the startup options prompt. After deselect each option one by one it only started after I disabled “Start GP Scripts automatically”. One curious thing is that even after disabling “load last gig file” it loaded the last plugins.

Thank You.

It didn’t sound harsh – and we didn’t hate you — quite the opposite - we appreciate your taking the time to post the issue rather than just giving up and hopefully we can figure things out.

The only thing you needed to disable on start up was the “Load last gig” to prevent it from loading a gig that was crashing (for whatever reason).

I will check with the other developer to see if we received a crash file.

Hang in there :slight_smile:

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No worries there.

We found several crash reports without an email address or a message, but it is most likely from you (you can click on the button to see the information that is going to be sent and provide additional details if you wish).

All of them are showing a crash in Omnisphere though, not Keyscape. Are you maybe using Omnisphere as well?


I don’t have Omnisphere.
My last crash report must have:

  • Tal U-no-LX-V2
  • DX7 V
  • D-50
  • Repro-5 1.1.1
  • CMI V
  • Chorus Dimension-D

Also, the processor is an Ryzen 3900X. Maybe it’s easier to find out this way.

Unfortunately we don’t get your processor type. Just the OS version.

It seems you did not put your email address/steps to reproduce into the report so it’s impossible to really connect it to your particular crash.

Could I ask you to click on the button to see what information if being sent to us and then fill in your email address the next time you have a crash so we can find it and then let us know here that you did. We’ll then be able to fid your exact report and see what’s wrong.


Why is this not mandatory before sending the report? When you don’t know how to do it, it is not obvious.

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Sure, it could be mandatory.
Could he send now?

It took me many crashes before this became obvious to me to enter my information. If the crash report knows all the plugins and other pertinent information of what was going on before the crash, why can’t it know the identity of the program license holder at the time?

You know DSGVO?

And what about PA users?
Why should Deskew know about their license?

I figured it would be a privacy issue.

I think an e-mail address is nice as an identifier and it can be freely given. The only thing is that it is not obvious where to give it.

Does the dialog box not clarify why and to whom it is given?

Given that we always have the same kind of feedback from people sending crash reports without email, something can probably be improved. :wink:

In principle it could but we would consider that to be an invasion of privacy, the use of your personal data without your permission — we just don’t want to go down that road.


Well, at least the last two times it crashed I sent the report with the email address.

IMHO, when you choose to send a report you would agree that some data is necessary for better understanding of the issue.

My question is: Is there anywhere on the system where the Software keep a log file o this kind of issue?

Of course….it’s just that our view is that it is up to the customer to decide. We hope users will send as much info as possible.

Sorry, but there was no crash reports submitted to us with your email address. Something seems to be off here… When you click on the button to enter your email address you’ll see the option to SAVE your crash report as a ZIP file. We could get that zip file any way, but it’s curious why your crash reports are not coming in if you entered the email address.