Dead Duck Software plugins crash GigPerformer on start

Hello guys,

Can someone please look into this?

Dead Duck Software plugins crash GigPerformer on start (loading my gig file)

It happens with flanger, delay and probably the rest as well.

I have found out the walk-around to this but it is less than ideal and definitely not convenient. It works and if I have to… I’ll live with it/ = you basically delete it, run the GigPerformer, restore it from a trash bin and replace “empty plugins” with the same ones again, then you have to re-bind them to your footswitch again and you are ready to go.

They do not crash while using (thanks god) but everything you open GigPerformer you have to do this… Tried different plugins, hated them. Hopefully, someone will chime in with some knowledge on that issue.

I assume there is a way to run “safe/clean” GigPerformer on launch, without loading defualt/last gig file and then do it (load) manually? I think that would take less time to load missing plugins one by one and then bind them to footswitches again

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Have to ask - why would you be trying to get these to work when there are many free plugins that are actively maintained? Do you know when the latest update to these plugins was released?

I think the last version of this bundle was 2016 or 2017 (maybe even when Gig Performer didn’t exist at all).
The website is down and the bundle is abandonware.

Like rank13, I also recommend that you find plugins that are stable and actively maintained.

If you still want to take another shot with this bundle, read this blog, try to delay the plugin initialization and then (if that doesn’t work) try to wrap it with jbridge.

Blog and tips: [blog] How to find out which plugin crashed Gig Performer

Tried all the other ones on plugins4free. Didn’t like them.+ I only use files without installs (hate installing and uninstalling stuff all the time = leaving junk all over my pc for no reason) I may have to dig deeper for a replacements but with limited time I try and forward all I have for practice/learning.

I hate this f****** around with plugins and all the problems, lack of stability, updates, complications, etc.

Still my current GigPerformer + Line6 FBV Express* MKII + a few plugins have edge over the whole hardware I have. The seamless switching between racks and effects without pops, tap dancing is worth it alone… Not to mention the possibilities…

I still wonder what may be causing this.

They are stable. They crash GigPerformer on startup only. Not while running or when first connected with the rest.

It’s something with GigPerformer trying to load them up on start that’s messing things up

I would start with the free Melda bundle (includes Flanger and Phaser): MFreeFXBundle | MeldaProduction
Otherwise, there is a great thread in this forum:

With the huge number/range of plugins that users of Gig Performer have in their gig files, I think the likelihood is higher that the issue is with the plugin. If they are no longer being actively developed, then there is zero chance that the GP devs could work with the plugin dev to look into it.

I recommend when you hit issues with these old/free plugins that you simply move on immediately to something else - much less hassle in the long run.


The Dead Duck plugins at Plugins4Free are way out of date, have you tried the latest versions from KVR Audio? This is the official download site for Dead Duck plugins and has the latest versions (

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Thank you very much. I will check it out in free time. It might be the solution :slight_smile:

For now I just delete DD plugins before starting GP and restore when GP opens up :slight_smile: Annoying but works. I will check updated versions of the plugins at some point and let forum know.

Thank you once again/

Still waiting for Dead Duck to make a plugin called Howard. :stuck_out_tongue: