?Cycling Between Instruments with one button

Having trouble figuring this out (see photo)…

I am trying to cycle between synths with a radio group, but I need it to go through each instrument in order with a button press. tried using radio groups but this doesn’t allow me to cycle.

Even more complex, I need my knobs to assign to the plugin that I’ve selected. for example, if I’m on the OB-X plugin, then I switch to a Jupiter 8 plugin, I want my filter knob to control the instrument I’m on. I know you can do this with Widget groups, but I’m almost out… why only A-Z? Maybe i need a script for this. Im using widget groups for my bottom keys to turn on and off piano/rhodes/clav instruments by simply raising my mixer knob on my arturia.

You could create different rackspaces for each instrument, then put two widgets in the global rackspace and assign them to the Next and Previous Rackspace parameters in the Global MIDI assignments section. That way you could easily step through your instruments without any scripting.

Does this shed any light? → How to set a widget to jump to a specific rackspace

sorry, thanks for the help. I should clarify I am trying to do this with one rack-space. Because when I make edits, I want everything to be edited as if it is one big insrument. I found having multiple rack spaces meant I had to go thro each rackspace and edit the panels to be identical for 20+ rackspaces



Widget-selects-variation.gig (51.3 KB)