Create your own plugins using Pure Data (Pd)

For the adventurous, I’ve found it’s possible to turn Pure Data patches from this…

… to a plugin that you can use in Gig Performer, complete with UI and inbuilt plugin presets:

So far I’ve tried this organ instrument, and an audio effect (reverse delay). Both seem to work well.

Pure Data:

Convert to plugin using: Release v1.0.7 · pierreguillot/Camomile · GitHub

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On what platforms does that work? I have a love-hate relationship with PD. It seems really horrible (usability wise) compared to the much more refined MaxMSP but that latter doesn’t let you make plugins.


I know PD works on all of them but does that tool that converts to plugin work on all of them?

Yep. Will create VST3 for Windows and Mac

Mac VST3 for the Almond Organ: (1.9 MB)

AlmondOrgan VST3 can be validated and loaded :wink:

Why the hell is that not so easy possible with Max?!

Does anybody know if a VST runtime Max where max patches could be loaded is available?

Max used to have a tool called Pluggo. I believe that it was removed as part of the deal with Ableton and M4L. If they had kept Pluggo, then all those M4L devices would be instantly available for any host.

Is Pluggo still working with Max8 Patches?

No…Pluggo was killed off before Max 5 showed up, if I remember correctly

If you create multiple plugins, does each one end up with the entire runtime system/scheduler loaded?

Beyond my understanding.

I saw it uses other solutions:

libpd is wrapper that turns Pure Data into an embeddable audio library

Article by the creator:

Yeah — I’ve been wondering for sometime when someone will connect libpd to our external API :slight_smile:

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