Crash on Save

4.8.2 on Win 10

As of this morning any time I try to save my main Gig File(s), I get a crash almost instantly. I’ve sent a couple crash reports in. I’m sure this is related to an update I did this morning to Zenology Pro as that is what is indicated in the crash report and the only thing I changed. However, several odd things about this.

  1. While I’ve had problems with certain plug-ins before on LOAD or trying to use maybe, in this case, everything loads and works fine (Zenology stuff plays just fine). I’s only when I try to SAVE or SAVE AS that the crash happens.

  2. I’ve tried a couple different gig files and same result

  3. HOWEVER - created a new gig file with a couple instances of Zenology and it loads and SAVES fine?!?!?

How can I “narrow down” which instance(s) of Zenology are causing the problem? The gig files are large and take several minutes to load. I am also checking with Roland to see how to downgrade to previous Zenology version.

(Please no comments to “not use zenology” - not helpful as I have hours and hours of work setting up these patches which have worked fine for a couple years.)

Did you include your e-mail address?
You can attach the crash log here, as well. Instructions: How to post a crash log on Windows

Yes i included my email.

Hmmm, the only crash report I see today has no email address in it but has the following interesting line - note the bold part. I have no idea from where this report came but as I said, it is the only one from today.

C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\64-bit VST Plugins [ready to copy and paste]\IK Multimedia\SampleTank 4.dll

I dunno, it said it sent it.

Found it! Definitely the Zenology VST3 plugin is crashing. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which one it is. You should pass the crash report (or I can) to Roland but they probably won’t care.

I guess I should add logging to the SAVE process (right now I only optionally added it to the LOAD process) whcih would provide more information. You should pass

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<CrashRpt version="1403">
    <AppName>Gig Performer 4</AppName>
    <ImageName>C:\Program Files\Gig Performer 4\GigPerformer4.exe</ImageName>
    <OperatingSystem>Windows 10 Pro Build 19045</OperatingSystem>
    <ExceptionModule>C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Roland\ZENOLOGY\ZENOLOGY.vst3</ExceptionModule>
    <CustomProps />
        <FileItem name="crashdump.dmp" description="Crash Minidump" />
        <FileItem name="crashrpt.xml" description="Crash Description XML" />
    <ProblemDescription>go to save rackspace that sounds fine - crashes - 2 times in a row now</ProblemDescription>

Glad you found it, but I’m a little confused as to what you are telling or asking me there. Is there something you’re asking me to do with that XML or is that some sort of example?

Another clue possibly … another GP user on the Roland Cloud forum said they are not having this problem with the same Zenology version on Macintosh, so it might be windows specific?

Thanks for looking into it!

No, I was just confirming that the crash is indeed in Zenology

Ok - gonna say 100% it was that version (2.0.2) of the zenology.vst3. I replaced it - just the one file - with an older version from another computer and voila! Everything works again.

Not sure what to do with this information.

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You should report it to Roland - or at least report it on the Roland forums where lots of people will see it.

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I agree.

I reported it on the Roland Facebook group the same time I did here. I followed up there with the information about the versions same as here. I’m not super optimistic that they’ll do anything unless it’s causing problems Elsewhere for people.

Just purchased Zenology Pro. Its VST3 2.02 crashes GP in my MBP when I try to save. The AU version doesn’t have the same issue. I wrote to Roland.

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You could perhaps send them the crash report.

Yeah I ran into this problem when I upgraded and reported it a month or so ago. My solution was just to downgrade one minor version. Then it worked fine

Heres my post

After the issue on my Mac, I tried to duplicate it on my Windows 10 and Windows 11 Pcs. No issues. Then I went back to my Mac, and now the VST3 works fine and I can save. However, I had an Authorization Error - RCM (Roland Cloud Manager) Service not connected error message popped up as I was opening GP. I had the same issue on my Mac recently.