CPU Usage while no sound

I’m using a NI Kontour instrument (by using a Reaktor 6 instrument), and even although I do not play any note on my MIDI keyboard, the CPU is at 25%, although even when playing notes it does not add any.

It does not even matter if there are MIDI/audio connection to/from the Reaktor 6 instrument.

Is there a reason why even no sound is resulting in so much CPU power used?
I can imagine it’s something inside NI, but I prefer to know if I can do something about it within GP itself.

Currently I’m using it only as ‘sound effect’ at the very end of a song, but if there is a solution I probably will use more Kontour/Reaktor instruments for ‘normal’ playing in future, otherwise I will be careful to use them.

Are there any effects built into that plugin? If so, turn them off and see what happens?

When you have no plugins in GP cpu usage is normal? I’m on Windows and when I use asio4all, (which I normally do not), the cpu usage is about one core.

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The CPU meter in GP is only measuring cycles used by the audio processing system. If there is no audio processing, there should only be 0-1% utilization. When you use a well designed/behaved plugin, it should only use CPU cycles when it’s actually processing audio. Kontakt behaves like this, as does Pianoteq and many others.

However quite a few effects plugins don’t bother to check if there is actually any incoming audio and so they keep using cycles even though there’s nothing to do. Your only recourse is to bypass them when they’re not needed.

You can of course get quite clever, particular if you have a gain control between a synth and an effect. Using GP script you can track the value of the gain control and if the volume is off, then you can have GP Script bypass the effect plugin automatically


I did a few tests:

With Kontour (Helicopter sound): The GP shows 23.5% (red oval), while the task manager shows 12% (yellow oval):

Playing or not playing does not matter.
When I remove the plugin, GP drops to 0-1% and the CPUs to around 8%:

Thanks for this elaborated answer and the nice ‘trick’ for using GP script … I’m intending to really start learning it (but first need to learn more basics about both GP and NI Komplete).

Btw, take a look at the screenshots please … the CPU power shows 12% while GP shows 23.5%, or is the audio processing time then 23.5% of 12%? I occasionally hear pops/crackles when it reaches above 50% (not with this rackspace though), but I also didn’t do any settings regarding the latency except for selecting the highest laptop performance mode.

:+1: Just to make sure…

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I found the GPScript and it works, however, I like to use the input level of the sound, connect it to a widget and based on that bypass a plug, like explained (a bit in): #Gig Performer | Use GPScript to bypass plugins automatically when volume is off

However, I cannot assign a widget to the input level (at least not from the Gain/Balance plugin, where I cannot select the meter as parameter for a widget).

Which plugin I should use to ‘read’ the input value (and based on that bypass another plugin) ?

The Level widget is a special widget.
You cannot use it to map levels to a widget.

Thanks! It’s called (at least in version 4.5.8 the Meter widget (available in horizontal and vertical form).