Convertible touch screen

After using Gigperformer for 2 years on a “normal” Laptop I’ve now switched to a Convertible because a touchscreen is generally easier to use during live performance and also because a folded notebook looks better and less noticeable on stage. Unfortunately, I miss the ability to scroll the set list (~ 100 Songs) with the 2-finger gesture, which works with most other Windows programs. Also the “Quick Song Finder” which is very easy to use with a hardware keyboard, is also rather unusable with the touchscreen (no shortcut for Ctrl+F and On-Screen-Keyboard doesn’t open for the search field). It would be great if touch support was expanded in future versions.

Hi David-san, thank you for quick answer. During live performance I use the Song List of the Song Lyrics/Chords Editor (also because in this view you can’t move songs unintentionally). This works well as long as we play exactly according to the setlist and all I have to do is press Next (via Midi Control). But sometimes I have to switch to the “All Songs” List spontaneously and search for a song there and this is really laborious with the touch screen (have to manually open the virtual trackpad to scroll the list)

Addition: My favorite feature would be a system action which opens the quick song finder and the song finder searches in all songs (not only the current setlist). But Christmas is over… :wink:

Really? :innocent:

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Well, I think you you can go to the “add songs to this setlist” command and search within all your songs.

If you select a song it does add it to the bottom of the setlist you are in (and you are now in that song). But, I do not see that as a big deal, You can always remove it after the gig.

Hi, thank you for the idea. This would at least save me having to switch between set lists. But I also want to search for songs which are already in the current setlist (I only have a few seconds between the songs). And adding songs only with the touch screen is as complicated as using the quick song finder. (no scrolling, no touch keyboard which opens automatically)

NP. If the song is in you setlist, use the “find” command. If it is not in your setlist, use the “add song to setlist” command. [But, you would have to know whether or not the song is already in your setlist].

These options at least save the step of switching to the “All songs” list.

Searching in all songs is not my actual concern and would just be a nice additional feature. I could just as easily include all songs in all setlists in advance. My real concern is that the workflow of pressing Ctrl+F and typing 2-3 characters to find the song and press enter and I’m able to start the song within 2-3 seconds ist not possible on a touch screen.

I have a paid-for extension that gives you the scrolling and searching capability on a touch screen.

I also have a free version that is just a basic touch-friendly scrollable list:

There is also the excellent GP Selector by @rank13 that gives you touch-screen friendly scrolling: