Convert MIDI PC or CC to keyswitch notes

I’ve had a look thru the forum & docs, but havent found a method in GP to convert specific MIDI PC or CC commands into note on/off so I can use a footswitch to trigger keyswitches hard-mapped in samplers to notes on keyboard.
I’m guessing I’ll need to script it.

I use a MIDI guitar with GP.
No keyboard.
To use keyswitches, I need to use a MIDI footboard via momentary PC or CC.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Hi diggo,
have a look at this thread… maybe you’ll find a solution there:
Translate cc to note number - General discussion about Gig Performer - Gig Performer Community


I’m a little confused — can your footpedal send CC messages or only PC messages?
If the former, then you can attach to a button widget which is mapped to a Note Number parameter of a MIDI in Block and triggered from your CC messages



yeah, OK - that also makes sense.
I’m in flux right now re footboard. My FCB1010 is already quite “occupied” via custom firmware.
I have a Blueboard, but I use Windows 10, so I think I’ll buy a new CC capable footswitch dedicated to articulation keyswitches.
Or maybe I’ll integrate keyswitches into the existing FCB1010 and avoid adding another footswitch.

Thanks for the advice!