Controlling the Audio Mixer with KorgNanoKontrol 2

I would like to control the Faders of the Audio Mixer with the Fader of my KorgNanoKontrol 2: How can I achieve that?
Can I do that directly in Wiring View or do I have to replicate the Audio Mixer in the RackSpace View?

I am using the 24 Channel Mixer - so is there a Rackspace Object or something like this which replicates the 24 Channel Audio Mixer in the Rack View?
Because I got the impression that would be the first step…
The nano control can only control 8 channels, but maybe there is a way to switch from 1-8 to 9-16 etc.

We have a great section of ready-made gigs and rackspace files in our “Gig and Rackspace files” category here:

Korg Nano rackspace/template can be easily found as well as other references from other users using it by simply searching for “korg nano” in these forums. For example - the first hit I get is this

Thank you, very helpful! I just wonder if one day it might be possible to make Controller Assignments directly in the Wiring View for example for the Audio Mixer. Because now it seems that you first have to have an object in rack view which represents the Audio Mixer . In this case the Korg NanoControl…

The indirect control that our Widget system offers is not just eye candy - it offers a LOT of other functionality - some are:

  • Variation support where automatic snapshots of windget states is created
  • Full scaling control
  • Control using other methods like OSC or GPScript
  • Ability to be MIDI controller independant
  • Usage of the Rig Manager
  • …

You most likely meant to somehow directly map MIDI values to parameters in the particular plugin. This is really not a great idea as you lose all of the things I mention above and your rig becomes really hard to manage after a while.


If I am not mistaken, by “rack view” do you mean Panel front view?

If so, it is not the Audio Mixer that you create in the Panel View but the Nanokontrol via widgets: Audio Mixer is a plugin standing in the Wiring View, Nanokontrol’s representation in the Panel View.

Nanokontrol widgets associated to your hardware Nanokontrol buttons and sliders can then control the Audio Mixer plugin if you wish but could just as well be assigned to any other plugin (i.e. organ drawbars, etc).

Thank you, I got the basic functions working:

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