Korg nanoKontrol2 Rackspace

Here’s a rackspace which is the front face of a Korg nanoKontrol2 remade in widget form (the mixing portion only) which controls a master bus and an aux bus with solo and mute controls.

The fader controls the master bus level for each channel, the knob at the top controls the aux bus level for each channel. In this version, the last channel is the master level for both the master bus and the aux bus.

To patch it up, just send the same outputs to the same pair of inputs on both busses.


FYI: I didn’t want the faders to add any gain, rather I wanted their top position to equal 0db gain on the mixer channels so I changed the parameter scaling to 70.8 which = 0db. To revert this so it adds up to +6 db gain, change the scaling to 100.

Parameter Scaling

nanoK2.rackspace (120.8 KB) !

Using the attached Korg Config file uploaded to your nanoKontrol2, the widget will control the lights on the nano to keep this in sync.

Korg Config 3.zip (305 Bytes)