Connect Mobile Sheets on Tablet to GP

So I downloaded/bought Mobile Sheets for my Android tablet. It loads up fine, and I’ve created a couple songs there. I have connected it to my GP notebook via USB, but the tablet/MS does not appear as an input or output device for MIDI to GP. Is there a driver to install or some setting I need to enable for this to happen?

What I want to do is send program changes to Mobile Sheets to go to a certain song when I change songs in the GP set list.

Does this mini tutorial help?

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My problem is that I never see an option to “select that you want MIDI connection” ???

I answered it here.

Please check if your tablet supports MIDI. I know that on some devices I needed to enable it manually through the Developer Options.

NB: by default, the Developer Options are hidden, you must see how to enable them for your device. On my device I needed to tap on the Android Version number five times to enable them.

I just ordered a new tablet - gonna start there. My current is several years old and older model. I’ll be back if I still have problems after that. Thanks!

This is from my secondary phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 (i900) from 2011.

So it may be that you just need to activate the Developer Options and enable MIDI.

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