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I have a small section of sheet music I was looking to add to my chordpro file. I added it using an image tag in the .cho file, but all I get is a boxed ‘X’ symbol. It appears like images are supported but I can’t get it to find the file. Is this the case, and if so how would I add in an image with a relative path? Or, is the image not found symbol just a marker to show that images are unsupported?


What did you use exactly to add an image to your chord pro file?
Also - are you on a mac or windows?


I’m on windows, and using {image: src="riff.png"} where riff.png is in the same directory as the chord pro file.

Try using the absolute path to the file

I would also like to add images to chordpro file,
How is this accomplished? Can you give me an example . Cheers

The format to insert an image into your ChordPro file is


So on Windows this might be

{image: “C:\myimages\solo1.png”}

and on a mac

{image: “/Users/me/Pictures/solo1.png”}

The point is to use a FULL path to the image file.

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Thanks guys

im still having problems inserting an image
have created a folder in c drive called myimages and saved a file called demo.jpg
inserted this into my chordpro file and still get an x in a box while displaying.
inserted this into beginning of chord pro file {image: “C:\myimages\demo.jpg”}
any chance of demo file with corect code in

Can you please post the image?

Try {image:“C:\Users\YOUR NAME\myimages\demo.jpg”}
In place of YOUR NAME enter whatever path it requires to get to your myimages folder. Until I entered the full path including “Users\John Talley” I was always getting that box with an “X”.

I was able to produce this result. I’ve been waiting to be able to do this for a while…Thanks!!

Great tip. Also, the “image” tag also allows width and height arguments so you can control the size on the fly rather than having to preprocess the file.

E.g. {image: “c:/…” width=600 height=141}

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Going to try again tonight to get it to working

Would this be entered as a second command…or included in the original command?
Example: {image:“C:\Users\John Talley\Documents\Tunes\Image Test\Senor Blues.jpg” width:600 height:141}
This just comes up with a blank page.

Sorry - I mistyped — those attributes should have equal signs, not colons

{image: “c:/…” width=600 height=141}

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That did it…Thanks! This is great for song intros, etc.

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That’s right, I was already faced to this issue where I couldn’t remember the intro. Even with a very popular intro :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

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Quick tip for long absolute addresses (in Win10).

I recommend keeping with Win10 standards and placing the images you want to include somewhere under your My Documents folder.

Hand-typing the absolute address is a pain, and prone to error (don’t ask).

I highlight the image file in Explorer, then left-click in the address bar. That displays the absolute address (except the image file), already highlighted.

Press Ctrl-C to copy, then Ctrl-V to paste it into the Chord Pro file.

Then highlight the image filename in Explorer and Ctrl-C to Copy.

Add a backslash to the end of the previously pasted absolute directory string, then Ctrl-V to paste the image filename to the end of the directory string.

Faster to do than explain.

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Nice move…that works!

i still cant my win 10 to display image in song/lyrics
tried putting image in different locations



What folder are you actually storing the file “Capture.jpg” in?