Changing setlist via midi

Is there a way to assign midi to cycle up and down the setlists? I currently use a foot pedal to switch between songs in a set. Would be cool if I could switch between setlists in the same manner.

Hi, please see this: Setlists

… and this link: Global MIDI

Thanks for replying but maybe I wasn’t clear enough about what I’m trying to achieve.

I would like to click a foot pedal to go to the next setlist and click another pedal and go back to the previous setlist - just like we do with songs. I’ve read the manual pages on Setlists and Global Midi and don’t see any solution.

The only way I can see to change setlists is to select from the drop down menu when in the setlist view.

Interesting suggestion – it’s not clear to me exactly how this should be implemented though.

For example, it would certainly be easy to have “Next” and “Prev” commands but what happens if you want to go to a specific setlist rather than just the “next” one? If we use program changes, then that potentially gets in the way of the use of program changes for switching songs? Or perhaps it could be done by requiring a specific bank (CC 0 / CC 32 pair) but then that requires the user to be able to send specific bank info out, which is often not easily available.

It might be that the way to do this is with a GPScript command that could then be invoked by any of the methods above depending on needs.

I’m not sure what is the use case though? How often and why would one want to switch setlists during a show?

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@dhj one use case is that each setlist is exactly that–a setlist. Set 1, set 2, alternate set etc. One might want to scroll to a song on an alternate list hands-free.

FWIW I was able to accomplish the task using Bome Midi Translator and a series of triggered mouse and scroll moves. Dirty hack, but it did work.

Ah, sorry. This is not possible for the moment (as far as I know).

Perhaps @edm11 will provide you with his “dirty hacks” with Bome :slight_smile:

I’ve just added GPScript functions that will let you do this kind of thing more easily but I can’t say when an update with those functions will be released.


Because some of the necessary commands are available as OSC functions, you can achieve some ‘less dirty’ hacks using GPScript.

Hopefully @dhj has added things like GetCurrentSetlistIndex, GetSetlistCount, SetSetlist etc.


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Well, those aren’t quite the names I used but yeah, those are what I added :slight_smile:


Did I forget anything?


Maybe setlist changed callback?
But this might be of limited use if it can only be used in a gig script.

WhoAmI ?
And if, HowMany ?

This is exactly what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

My band jumps around to different songs occasionally and leaves me clicking through large lists of songs. I’m a guitarist with GP running on a laptop offstage. Just trying to solve/improve navigation for my needs. Adding support in GPScript seems to be perfect :wink: