Changing Presets in Amplitube

I understand this is not the recommended way of working, but it is the way that works best for me. And I hope maybe I can get some advice/help.

I am trying to change presets in Amplitube. I have no no problem doing so Amplitube standalone, however the the exact same message sent to Amplitube in GP does not work and no MIDI activity shows on Amplitube MIDI meter. I have also tried setting up at MIDI input assigned to Amplitube and assigning a widget connected to that MIDI input to PC and that does not work either. In both cases a MIDI monitor placed right before Amplitube in GP show the PC messages.

IK Multimedia support has been lacking so far. But it seems bizarre. Any ideas?

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Create a MIDI In Local GP Port block and connect to Amplitube.
Assign a knob widget to the PC Parameter of that block.
Turn the knob.
Do the presets change in Amplitube?

This is Windows VST3 for me:

Very few plugins support program change messages and those that do generally require to configure explicitly an association of presets to PC numbers

Hey @edm11, Thanks so much. I did try exactly the method you are using but it did not work for me! And as mentioned, A MIDI monitor between the MIDI in block and Apmplitube show the PC message being sent to Amplitube. The MIDI channel is set correctly the channel 1. I have presets assigned in Amplitube to the corresponding PC #. And those are the only addressable parameters i can see for this.

But I am glad to see it does work as it should. Just not for me for some reason, so I’ll keep at it. I was starting remember there being a thing when VST3 first came out that it didn’t accept PC messages, so I was going to try to the VST version, but you say it is working for you in VST3.

Very strange.

Just to be sure, your setup for my example looks like this?

ScreenHunter 56

I wonder if a specialized scriptlet should be available for this. It would just have a singe parameter that, when touched, would just send out a program change

I already made one, I don’t remember exactly, but I think it is also possible to use it as you described.

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Alternatively, give this a try.
AmplitubeScriptletTest.gig (13.6 KB)

I have had VSTi’s where the VST version will respond to PC messages but the VST3 version will not. I would definitely try the VST version and see what happens.

On my system (MacOS), all versions of Amplitube 5 (VST3, VST, AU) will respond to PC messages by using the widget connected to the Midi In block’s PC parameter, like in @edm11’s screenshots above.

Amplitube does need to have the specific mapping of preset to PC number set up in the ‘Control’ options.


Ok of course I have no explanation for why, but for me changing to the VST version of Amplitube solved the problem and it is now changing presets as expected. I can not get the same exact procedure to work with VST3 version.

Yes, Steinberg apparently didn’t include support for program changes in their VST3 implementation (No Program Changes in VST3 - regrettable decision - Cubase - Steinberg Forums). I don’t know if they’ve changed on this.

Stick with VST2 - much more reliable.

That is usually a good idea, though I did demonstrate above that the current VST3 version of Amplitube 5 does in fact respond to PC messages. I suspect an older version may be the culprit.

It seems that they did. They support program changes (source).

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@edm11 You are correct! I didn’t think I was behind, but indeed I was and after updating, the VST3 is.receiving PC messages.

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