Can't select song parts


Sorry if that question seems basic, but I’m experimenting a problem with GP4 version 4458 that I’m testing. Everything works about creating rackspaces, songs, setlists or loading VSTs. I’m interested by a vocal setup, so I’ve connected my microphone linked with a vst vocoder FX, and it works perfectly. Now the problem is that when I click on Song parts buttons (intro, verse or chorus) or next/previous song buttons, NOTHING happens. They just don’t work, stay grey. Any idea ?

Hi @Toutoune, welcome to the GP community forum :wink:

Perhaps you could illustrate your issue with a screenshot and post the corresponding gig file?

What are you expecting to happen when you press the “Intro/Verse/Chorus” buttons? Did you actually assign different rackspace/variations to each song part? If you didn’t, then nothing is going to change!

Those next/previous grey song “buttons” are not buttons — they are labels that display the name of the next and previous song respectively.

Yep, try linking song parts to rackspace/ variations. The manual is excellent. I like watching videos (lots on Youtube).

GP is the best!


Hi. Thanks for your answer. I use Windows 10, no fancy setup, no Midi device. As I told you , the SELECTION of song parts is inactive, and selection of next song or previous song does not work. GP stays always in the ‘intro’ part. For the video I have created 2 songs, and 5 racks on Gig Performer 3. Everything works perfectly

with that version. The same file opened in GP4 does not work. And the problem does not come from converting the GP3 file to GP4, because I already have created, at the beginning of my tests, a very similar gig from scratch in GP4, and the problem was the same.

Thank you.

I cannot reproduce, Windows 11, Gig Performer v4.58, Deskew version (I don’t have the Plugin Alliance version to check with that version).

Just from the testing perspective, can you download the Deskew version, create a couple of songs from scratch and see if it works correctly?

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For any reason, I cannot display these videos on my iPad :confused:

Can you upload a small gig file?

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Sounds like these two posts, although neither user stayed around to troubleshoot.

The second thread was the Plugin Alliance version (one of the self-deleted posts shows that it the PA version).

In the first thread the guy stopped responding when I asked him is it the official Deskew version.

What happens if you create a new gigfile with GP4? Can you then select parts? Is this issue just happening with a GP3 gigfile?

Hi I’ve already answered : same thing occurs with freshly created GP4 file.

At last, I re-installed the software and it solved the problem.

So something was corrupted on your first installation? Strange