Can't HEAR Gig Performer Patches while Recording Guitar in Logic Pro X

I’ve been using Gig Performer for a few years and love it.
I have just downloaded and installed the latest BlackHole software.

But I’ve never been able to HEAR my GP3 effects while I am recording my guitar.

The Physical patches are:
Guitar into Focusrite 2i2, into iMac/Gig Performer 3 with effects, in to Logic Pro X 10.7.4 back out to Focusrite 2i2 into headphones.

I set my Logic Pro X Audio Preferences to:
Output Device: Scarlett 2i2
Input Device: BlackHole 2 Ch (or 16 or 64 channel)

I set my Gig Performer 3 Audio Settings to:
Output Device: BlackHole 2ch (or commensurate 16 or 64 channel)
Input Device: Scarlett 2i2

I have tried monitoring the guitar audio through both my Scarlett 2i2 headphone jack and my iMac’s headphone jack yet, while I can RECORD the GP3 with effects on the new track, I cannot hear the track while I am playing with GP 3 effects until Playback. This is exactly what the Support commentary states but they decline to offer a solution.

How do I hear my GP3 guitar effects going into Logic Pro with GP 3 effects while recording?

Thanks so much. The sun will rise, the birds will sing, the fog will burn off and the merry lad will play to his happy princess once again. Only if. Cheers.

My guess is that you’re hearing the guitar directly from your audio interface, rather than from the output of gig performer. You can test this by disconnecting the final effects from the GP audio interface and I bet you will still be able to hear your guitar

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Wouldn’t it make sense to aggregate your audio interface and Blackhole (link)? That way you could hear the outputs (NB: or record them using Gig Performer 3’s recording feature, instead of Logic).


I’ll definitely check that but would I be right in thinking I need to set up an “Aggregate Device” so I can have Gig Performer output to BOTH my headphones (Scarlett 2i2) and to Logic Pro?

I really appreciate your consideration.

Hmmm. Good ideas! thanks.

I’ve tried setting up the aggregate device through my Mac OS midi App but haven’t struck it right yet, will keep trying. I’m hoping the encountered glitch is just my connections.
As for recording on GP3, that might be brilliant! I am trying to keep the rez of my recordings at or above audiophile level… I’ll check to see if I can record big enough files on the interface.
Thanks for your thoughts- very helpful.

Note that the current version is v4.5 and that it can record both inputs and outputs in mono or stereo. :slight_smile:

Learn more in this video:

I suggest that you upgrade to v4.

As for Gig Performer 3 and using virtual cables, I wrote an article for Windows: Gig Performer | How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows

The point is the same for macOS, simply aggregate devices and then route audio wherever you want.

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GP3 does not support output recording. That was added in GP4

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My point was if he aggregates his audio interface with a virtual audio device, that he could use Gig Performer’s 3 input recording feature to record outputs, as well (at least, that’s the case with Windows, which is demonstrated in the article above).

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A major improvement concerning recording with GP among many many others improvement introduced in GP4. :+1:


Hi David-San (bows here):
I own many other Plugins, not just PlugIn Alliance’s.
I wanted to upgrade (I always do) to GP4 but it won’t allow me to use my other PlugIns- I imagine there’s a licensing problem. But since GP3 does, I am still using that.

I’ve spent a few hours at this fiddling now- I’m too too confused to get the Aggregate Device to kick both The GP3 effects into Logic RECORD and Out to my Scarlett 2i2 headphone jack.

I can make it work where the Guitar I’m playing has no effects but records with GP4 effects so I can hear them on playback, OR I can hear the played effects but Logic records only the NO-effects guitar.

I thought I was a pretty smart guy, but I guess I’ll just live in 2 worlds now.

Thanks to all.


It’s hopeless, despair and too much time wasted now. I’m just gonna put the PlugIns into the LOGIC track and go from there.
Thanks for your -and all’s- suggestions.

I think Gig Performer ought to make this easier for those of us who play guitars through GP into Headphones and then want to set up the GIGS to play directly into a DAW without the Mumbo Jumbo. They actually BOW OUT of supporting this.

I also recorded from GP and the easiest way (for me) is to use an Audio Interface with loopback,
like RME.
This way you can mirror any output to input.

We asked you to perform simple test which you didn’t do (or at least didn’t report back)

The community cannot help you if you don’t respond to questions we ask to try and solve the problem.

The problem you’re having is not with Gig Performer — it is most likely your Scarlett which is doing direct monitoring — other people have experienced this and solved it (e.g. Slapback issue [Solved - due to direct monitoring] - #31 by schamass) but again if you don’t do the tests we request, I don’t know how we’re supposed to help you. Why, for example, complaining that GP is an issue rather than raising the problem with Scarlett? It’s most likely their product default configuration that is doing the direct monitoring thereby not letting you hear effects.

There is a complete article on how to record GP into your DAW here and I use this technique myself all the time.


I’m sorry, I did miss this. I’ll check its out now, thanks.

Yeah, but as mentioned, it’s most likely his audio interface is the culprit

You are absolutely right, I did not explain it why it is the easiest way for me.
When using loopback interface no change in GP has to be done.
But with the appropriate Interface it would be also possible using blackhole.

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Huh? What plugins won’t it allow you to use?

I set up my gig performer 3 in the exact config as demarcated on the link you sent me above DHJ.
I do not hear GP effects while Playing, but I DO hear them on Playback.

So I agree GP is routing through to Logic Pro, but it’s not coming past that to my Scarlett2i2.

I have fussed with making an Aggregate device and can get basically the same thing above OR I can get that I CAN HEAR the GP effects while recording but Logic only records my NO GP EFFECTS vocal or guitar.

I bet you guys are right- I need to figure out what My Scarlett is doing now.


I own others, other than PlugIn Alliance’s plugins. For example, EchoBoy from Sound Toys, a bunch from Helix Line 6 and UA Audio.

I own GP3 and Rent GP4 through a bundle from PlugIn Alliance.

The PA Edition does not allow using plugins from others than PA.