Can´t change samplerate/buffer with Audiobox96

Hi all,

what could be the reason I´m not able to change samplerate and buffersize in GP when using a Presonus Audiobox 96 USB?
It will always stay at 48kHz, 512 Samples.
when I try to choose different values, they will switch back instantly to 48kHz 512samples before I´m ably to hit “Apply”
Even when I chose 44,1kHz in the Presonus Control Software before starting GP, it will switch to 48kHZ as soon as I start GP.

It´s different on other audiosoftware on the same machine. When I start Cubase for example it will stay on 44,1kHz and I´m able to chosse different setting there. (44,1kHz, 128Samples for example)

Another interface on the same machine also works
Any idea what´s wrong here?

GP 4.8.2
Macbook Air M1
MacOs Ventura 13.0
Latest Presonus Firmware/Software

Same behavior on rosetta or native mode

just tested a Steinberg UR22C on the same machine which works as expected and lets me change settings.
So it seems it´s the combination of GP and Presonus Audiobox which doesn´t work like it should.

Is Gig Performer the only program running when you face that issue?

Yes, it is

Di you get a list of Sample Rates?

Yes I can choose from 44100, 4800, 88500 and 96000 but it jumps back as soon as I choose different than 48000.

OK, what happens when you use a different Output Device?

Then it works fine

But as said when I open Cubase on the same machine I can chose different setting for Audiobox USB 96.
So it´s not only the Interface but the combination of Software + Interface.

I just found that it seems to work when I leave the Mac Micro as Input and only change the output to Audiobox. That would be a workaround for me as I don´t need the Input in this case.

OK, but when the input Device is empty then you face the issue?


Also I found that even on 512 samples I get a lot of droputs so the interface / driver doesn´t seem to work well in that environment.
I think I will drop it and choose another interface.

Just to let you know I finally found the real issue.
It is not obvious but I was able to narrow it down to the dock / USB-Hub I´m using.
When I connect the interface through my expensive powered Exsys USB hub (that I´m using live) the Audiobox works without any issues. I can change the settings in GP and can go down to 128 Samples without any dropouts.
But as soon as I connect it through a China Docking station with PD Charge (I bought on Amazon) it will have the strange behavior and dropouts.
When I tested another similar Docking station (also with PD charge feature which means it´s also powered) the interface wasn´t recognized at all.

So be careful with cheap docking stations.
I just ordered a USB B to USB C cable to connect the Audiobox cirectly to the Mac. I hope that will work otherwise I need to buy another Exsys Hub.


I use this one which is not that expensive:


When it comes to docking stations, price and quality are important factors, but compatibility is the key factor, unlike USB hubs: USB hubs are plug-and-play devices but docking stations may require additional drivers or software to operate fully.
Moreover, they are typically designed for specific devices or operating systems, so it’s essential to check compatibility before making a purchase.

Really appreciate your taking the time to report this - helps others.

I can highly recommend the Anker USB hubs. I use the 10-port version of this hub live and it’s been rock solid. I have the 36W 7 port at home which is also very good. The power output definitely can make a difference depending on how many active devices you have connected to it

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