Can I route Mediamonkey ASIO Out in GP3?

Hey guys, wondering you might help with this situation please.

I would like to listen to my fav playlists in Mediamonkey:

but with VST fx like reverbs and delays e.t.c. MM however does not natively support VST’s so I am looking for a way to link MM’s “Asio” Output to any other program with hosts VST plugins so I can apply the fx over MM’s audio.

Can GP3 do this in any way please? If not, any leads will be appreciated, thanks.

p.s. I have tried to get this done with Reaper, Vmix and OBS by routing MM’s Out into VAC then out to the Inputsof those three VST Hosts. With the last two, I can hear MM’s audio but the fx would not work over MM’s audio, I can only hear the fx over the word “Trial” coming from the trial version of VAC.

Take a Look at Virtual Audio devices.
Some Forum posts already provide a Solution

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I don’t have mediamonkey, but i think it’s the same with any audio- or video player that supports ASIO output.
I just tried this with VLC (i willl use it for Karaoke videos) and GP3… and with the help of “ASIO Link Pro” which runs as virtual audio driver, it is no problem at all.
You can download the driver and the patches here for free:

(it’s abandonware which was given to the community by the family of the deceased author, so it’s the only legal software i know that comes with a crack/patch officially).
I tried several of hose virtual sound drivers, but this was the only one that i got to work properly.
(But i guess, it’s not the other software to blame :grin: )

I configured it as a virtual 4in/4out device, where i chose the output of the player to the group#3 and then mapped the output channels of that group to the virtual input channels 3&4. Those input channels can then be used within GP3 like any “normal” hardware inputs… connect it to a signal chain of your choice, send it to the main outs and you are good to go.

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Thanks a million!!

Not sure I am understanding every step but I will try and report back.

See more about VB-Cable combined with ASIO4ALL here: Gig Performer | How to record Gig Performer's outputs via Gig Performer's Record feature on Windows

Ok let me try first exactly to copy your steps with VLC then when successful I will try with MM. Please see this screenshot

Where the arrows are pointing, are thos the correct options and if yes what’s my next steps please? Sorry that I have to go this slowly and in a step by step manner.

Hm… i’m not sure if i can guide you through all this, but let’s just try. :sunglasses:
First of all, you will have to start ASIO, set your interface and then sample rate and buffer size according to your settings you use in all the other programs (i.e. GP3).
This is how my main panel of ASIO Link looks like:

Thanks, I have Asio pro set exactly as yours. Now for the above please? I am not all that versed with all of the terminologies, sorry.

Ok, you should see in your taskbar’s notification area (the “clock” corner, where all those little icons sit) two icons for ASIO Link: a purple one (that’s the main settings) and then a green one (or multiple green ones).
2021-08-11 21_04_00-Window

The green ones are instances for each application that uses ASIO, which means, you could make a special configuration for each application you will use… the driver will remember that.
Within this green instances you will do the routing.
My “standard” routing looks like this (no VLSC or GP3 started yet):

(not sure if i really needed this connection from block 2 / channel 1/2, but i guess i did it by purpose at some time).
As soon as a signal is coming in, you will see the green bars flash and then you can draw your cables as you need (and maybe save it as a “preset”).

There is only the purple icon is my tray?


Also, You have a much bigger interface and options with the Asio pro tool but what I am I looking for next, should I now play a track in VLC and be able to see some LED moving in GP3?

Now this is then the configuration for VLC + GP3:
2021-08-11 21_10_47-Window

activate the in/out puts and choose ASIO Link as device in GP3!
2021-08-11 21_17_52-Window

after that you can use it in GP3…
2021-08-11 21_20_30-Window

Have you started the ASIO device in the main instance of ASIO-Link (the purple one)?

Oops sorry, yes now I see the green icon in the tray.

A problem. It is showing 1024 as the only buffer size option?

Have a closer look at the top of the green instance, there is a button “Pick driver”
There you have to choose your actual driver of your hardware interface and the open the control panel an set the right values!

I am not seeing your options on the top left in my view so I don’t know how to get to and enable the Multi-clients option so I am guessing that is why the Pick Driver tab is inactive?

What audio interface do you have?

You mean like a hardware external sound card? if yes, none.

That’s the reason why you don’t have any ASIO devices!
Maybe you could try to install ASIO4ALL which enables the internal soundchip to be adressed via ASIO, but you should not expect any miracles (if it works at all).
But i am out when it’s about this topic… i don’t want mix my drivers just to try if and how it could work.
I hope you understand that.
But maybe someone else can take over here… :slight_smile:

If you ever plan to seriously use real time audio with VSTs and such: Get an interface!
These devices are not very expensive, or maybe get a used one… people always sell their stuff because higher, stronger, faster… you know. :grin: :wink:

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It was too good to be true :slight_smile: sighhhhhhhh.

I have the Asio4all installed from previous experiments and it’s options I have been seeing all over the place. I had chosen the Asio pro Tool instead every time I had needed to. So should I back track from VLC’s Output and choose Asio4all option all the way instead of the Asio Pro Tool please?

I guess (guess!) it will be a combination of both… you most probably will have to setup ASIO4ALL as your “interface” and then pick this in the ASIO-Link… i don’t know how small the buffer size then can be without getting glitches, but i guess it will stay at a quite large number.