Can a song part change trigger the audio file player to play from beginning

What’s a good route to make a song part change trigger the audio file player so that the audio file player starts over from the beginning of its audio files?

I see a parameter in Audio File Player named “play from the beginning”, and I’ve mapped it to a button, but I ran into a problem. I have a script that is doing a quantized song part change for me, The script makes the song part change on the next 1st bar. So sometimes I trigger this to happen on the 2 or the 3rd bar, and then the song part changes on the next 1.

so I would need the actual song part change to trigger the play from the beginning since my hit will be before the actual song part changes. I’ve set these song parts to have their own variation but I don’t know how to trigger this play from the beginning when a song part happens.

I saw in the other topic that you have a MacBook. You could look at using the Song Part Properties (Midi Messages) to send a CC message to the virtual midi port: IAC Driver Bus 1 (or whatever you call it).

Then you can midi learn a pad widget to this message (not using Learn - just manually configure it via the Edit button).