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I have Cakewalk by BandLabs and Gig Performer 4.5 on the same Windows computer. I added the VST locations for Cakewalk into the scanned paths in Gig Performer Plugin manager and re-scanned, but it doesn’t seem to see any of them. What am I doing wrong here? It looks like they are mostly .dll type, some files have an associated helper file (,chm). Any help is appreciated

Are the Cakewalk plugin proprietary format?
Or are they 32bit?
Gig Performer can only use Standard VST format and they need to be 64 bit,

I can’t tell - CAkewalk pulgin manager doesn’t tell 32 or 64 bit, just that they are .dll files, but you’re saying they have to be .vst files to work, correct?

No, they need to be standard VST format
On windows I think VST files have the extension dll

Well, I found that I only updated the VST3 path, when I updated the VST paths, it found them, but they all failed. What next?

They fail because they are not standard VST files or they are only 32bit

OK, thank you, I am new to this and still learning. Was hoping some of their plug-ins would work, but apparently not. Thanks for the prompt replies.

Feel free to ask

I know they used to be in a format called DXi, and you could make them VST compatible using a DXi wrapper. I’d try a google search on that, or checking on the Cakewalk forums. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done that (or looked at Cakewalk, which was still Sonar when I last used it) so I don’t know if that’s still possible.

Have you tried those plugins in any other modern DAW (other than cakewalk)?

I don’t have any other DAW’s. It looks like some of Cakewalk’s plugins are available, but not all. I suspect they must be proprietary or locked. These are the ones that came across.

How To Use Cakewalk DX & DXI In Unsupported DAWs - PG Music Forums

DX to VST plugin Wrapper? | Cakewalk Forums

How to Use DX Plug-Ins with VST-only DAWs – Craig Anderton | Create · Innovate · Inspire

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Thank you, I will try that

That worked to get many of the Sonitus plugins available. Thank you