Bug: Hitting Enter Key on Keyboard closing the view and going to another view

Am trying to edit the value in this textbox on the Global Rack. A small popup appears to enter the value and no option to save the value entered in the popup to the textbox on the parent textbox, so hitting ENTER key is the option I see. So I hit the ENTER button and it saves the value, but it closes the view and goes to


This is the view am going to after I hit the ENTER key on windows.

And now going back, requires me to press the PANEL button, then GLOBAL RACKSPACE button, EDIT button, then click the widget…

This issue also happening when hitting the up/down arrow with the mouse:


This issue also happening when i press a key on another midi keyboard after pressing the learn button.


What issue? Is it changing rackspaces because that is what you have mapped the widget to?

Not going to rack space, in my original message 2 picture was attached, it goes to the 2nd screen.

I cannot reproduce that issue on Mac

After inputting a Widget Value am hitting the ENTER key and you can see it changing the screen.

On Arrow click also the same issue happening…


That’s exactly what’s happening. The widget in which the value is being changed is mapped to a rackspace change.

Does it happen also with a totally new gig?

Not with new one, i think the issue has something to do with the plugins connected to it…

Ok, because the onWidgetValueChanged callback is called when you edit the widget value…

The SAFP is setup as the instruction given to me in this thread:

All OK, GP is working as designed.

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This is a better tip: How to set a widget to jump to a specific rackspace

Please try this one.

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yes but…

since the System Action is already assigned to the widget, editing it’s value will immediately cause that widget to function when the edited value is changed and since you are presumably editing other things, jumping out of Edit mode is not exactly the desired function at that moment.

This can be particularly frustrating if that widget is in the Global Rackspace becuase it exits global for local and exits Edit mode. To get back to where you were it’s multiple clicks to enter Global Rackspace and then Edit Global Rackspace.

My solution to this has been to first disasociate the widget from the System Action, unassign them. Change all their values, reassign them to the System Action of choice. This means you need to have your ducks in a row to know all the values you are putting in or it’s some trial and error.

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GP team please consider this feature.
Especially when there are multiple widgets to be mapped. If it exits the global mode each time when mapping a widget, then it makes it hard and less user friendly.