Boss SY1000 connector VST3 plugin

If you use the BOSS SY1000 Guitar Synthesizer with Gig Performer, this plugin might be interesting for you.

The original idea came up during the GP4 beta phase and the great new possibilities of GP Script and can be found here in a scriptlet.

However, this solution didn’t work out in practice, because a scriptlet is not the right tool for this large number of parameters.
In the last months I have been working a bit on programming VST plugins with JUCE in C++ and implemented the original idea as a VST3 plugin.
You can find the source code and a compiled VST3 plugin for Windows on Github.

On the Github page you can find a ready compiled plugin file “SY1000.vst3” under VST3 Builds/Windows.
Just copy it to your VST3 plugin directory and search for new plugins using Gig Performer’s plugin manager.

In principle, the same source code could also be compiled for macOS. Unfortunately, this has to be compiled with XCode on a Mac computer and I don’t own a Mac, only Windows PCs. :wink:

I haven’t tried any virtual machines for macOS because I also don’t have a macOS license for Gig Performer to test the compiled plugin.

If someone from the Gig Performer community with macOS would like to take over this part, I would be very happy.
Of course I’m also happy about feedback, improvement requests, improvements to the source code etc.

I am not a professional C++ audio programmer. The source code is certainly in need of improvement. :grin:
But the plugin works and makes the integration of the SY1000 into Gig Performer very comfortable.


The usage has already been described in this post.

The only difference is that now instead of a scriptlet a VST plugin is used.

Is the GP in the image above (top left) on that board as a small computer or is that just a screen?

Also - have you looked at the new External API for GP4? It may be what you actually want to use to seamlessly connect things together without the need to load plugins .

I can give it a go. I’ve been experimenting with Juce for the GP external API, so will be definitely having a close look at this!

Great work BTW!

It’s a small touch screen. The pedalboard is a Rockboard QUAD 4.3 and the PC (Lenovo IdeaCentre Mini 5) is mounted on the backside of the floorboard. I wanted to have everything compact on the pedalboard. That’s why I decided against a laptop.

For quick parameter changes the touchscreen is ok. But I’ve also a bluetooth mouse connected for more complicated task.
At home I use the software Spacedesk VIEWER to connect the Pedalboard via WLAN to my Desktop PC.


Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

The external API would definitely be a better place for this connector.
But unfortunately I’m missing a very important function there.

The SY1000 has more than 3000 parameters. With a plugin I can easily search and link any parameter under “Mapping” with the “search param name” function. In the API this possibility is missing, if I have understood it correctly.

Great design. I built something similar, but a little bit more integrated, but your design is really something many guitarists would like as it eliminates the need for a laptop on stage.
The modularity of it is also really cool.

Kudos man!