[blog] Using MIDI OSC blocks to send MIDI to the Global rackspace

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! :slight_smile:

Link: Gig Performer | Using MIDI OSC blocks to send MIDI to the Global Rackspace

Additional tips:

[1] LocalGP port tip → LINK

[2] Send Program Change (PC) to a Plugin in the Global Rackspace (from a Local Rackspace) → LINK


Yes, and the important part of the OSC address is /Midi. I missed this at a time. :grimacing:

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There is something that must be extremely simple that I have just managed to not perceive anywhere I’ve looked. Sorry for the probably super dumb question…

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to send MIDI from a VST’s MIDI out in the global Rackspace to a different VST in another Rackspace.

To restate: I know about audio between Rackspaces, I’m talking about a VST in a Rackspace getting MIDI from a VST that’s running in the global Rackspace.

Haven’t figured out what to search for in the documentation either:

SUGGESTION : insert FAQ hashtags in the documentation for explicit search results.

MIDI between a rackspace and the global rackspace is not yet supported. That’s why the workaround is to use OSC


Drat. Ok I’ll try OSC. Thanks @dhj

Trust me to start out my first GP project by basing it on an unsupported capability. I’m an idiot savant without the savant part. Oh well at least my 2 year old granddaughter still thinks I’m cool.

I must ask: do you envision supporting MIDI to/from Global Rackspace, and if so any ballpark on feature release?

Do you know virtual MIDI?

Oh hi thanks for the reply so quick @pianopaul . Not specifically, but if you know the name of the developer I’ll look it up. I imagine this is some type of server or driver framework that can let me create virtual MIDI interface devices in Windows?

Are you on Mac?

To complicate matters I’m using Windows. I suppose I could look at this new Blue Cat connector VST as well, I seem to recall seeing a “0ms latency” claim on the same machine.

OK, on Windows there is similar as on Mac.

With this it should be possible to send MIDI to a virtual MIDI Out device and in the global rackspace you get MIDI data from a virtual MIDI In Device.

But using the inbuilt OSC MIDI is (in my opinion) the better solution.

Oh I did run across that the other day. I’ll have a look tomorrow. Quite late on the West Coast of N. America now. Thanks for your help!

I have no fear of OSC so I’ll have a look there tomorrow as well.

Isn’t this what we’d use the Local GP Port for?

Drag and drop this Favorite onto your global rackspace. It’s a scriptlet that will send any incoming midi messages to the Local GP Port (which you can add as a midi input port on your local rackspace).

Send to Local GP Port.gpfav (826 Bytes)



What exactly are you trying to do that you need this capability? If you’re just starting out, perhaps you’re unaware of other ways to achieve your goal

Yes, it’s on our list

I regret that we generally do not announce dates in advance for new features

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I want to send MIDI from one VSTi’s output in the global rackspace to another VSTi in any arbitrary local Rackspace. I want to be able to change Rackspaces and variations as desired all the while using that same source of MIDI originating in that same VST instance running in the Global Rackspace, sync’d to the Gig Performer host.

Then in any local Rackspace, I can send that MIDI from the Global Rackspace to any VST in any local Rackspace. That’s my concept. I’m certainly open to maybe I just don’t get how to do it yet! And thanks for your generous help!

Here’s my user thought bubble: Put it this way, if the “From Global Rackspace” and “To Global Rackspace” nodes in the Global Rackspace each had an orange MIDI dot alongside the ones they have for audio, that would look intuitively to me as a somewhat new user, like exactly what I want to find in Gig Performer for this purpose.

Thanks so much for the scriptlet @rank13 I’ll give that a try today and let you know the result I can get.

Ah - so you’re not trying to send MIDI from a keyboard — you have a plugin that is generating MIDI?

Correct! I guess I didn’t state ‘MIDI not from a controller’ in there expressly. Sorry!

Yeah, that makes a big difference.
Just use the free virtualMidi driver

Roger, Wilco. Thanks!

in OSX, i could just activate and use the IAC driver ?
is that correct ? any reason not to do so ?

just asking for possible future uses.
just found out now about IAC :wink:

There’s no reason not to — those ports can be very useful (and Windows users can get the same effect using virtualMIDI)

However, there’a a caveat – you must ensure that you don’t use the MIDI In (Omni) plugin because you will immediately get a feedback loop since the Omni will receive input when you send something OUT through an IAC port.