[blog] Tips to troubleshoot your computer based setup

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Troubleshooting Tip: “Enable drift correction”
For macOS users who also use an aggregate audio device → LINK


I discovered this last week while trying to get a clean audio signal back into GP from my iPad. Once I enabled Drift Correction…problem gone!


Q: Moving one slider also move one other slider. They are not in any widget group. How can that be?

A: Both sliders are assigned to the same parameter! :slight_smile: (solution)


A High CPU issue. One of the culprits is a driver.

I had a CPU high usage issue with the latest ASIO on UMC204HD (Behringer) audio interface. As soon as I roll back to the older version the high CPU usage has gone. It seems the latest driver possibly causing an issue with the audio interface. I am using GP4 on Windows 10.


(another discovery)


mDNSresponder on macOS Ventura → LINK