[blog] Tips to troubleshoot your computer based setup

Don’t do that! :slight_smile:


[1] Sample rate

If your audio interface is used by multiple audio applications at the same time (including two or more Gig Performer instances), don’t use different sample rates. If the sample rate is not the same, you will hear audio out of tune, audio pitched down. etc. (example, KB article)

[2] MIDI in (OMNI) block

Don’t use the MIDI In (OMNI) block if you are using virtual MIDI ports. Why? Well, when you send MIDI events into a virtual MIDI port, the events will be sent on through that virtual MIDI port’s output, but because the MIDI In OMNI block listens to all incoming MIDI messages, it will receive messages from virtual MIDI ports as well. So as soon as you send out a single event, it will feed right back into the MIDI In OMNI plugin and sent out again (feedback loop). So if you plan to use virtual MIDI ports in your configuration, use specific MIDI In devices rather than the MIDI In OMNI block (more info).

[3] Uninstalling Gig Performer before the update

Scenario: Gig Performer is running fine on your Windows computer and a Gig Performer update becomes available – but before you update, you uninstall your current version or an automatic third-party uninstaller removes all references to Gig Performer.
Per this blog: “Don’t do that! We repeat, don’t do that!

[4] Gig Performer instances

Don’t open the same instance twice as both opened instances will respond to the
same MIDI and OSC commands and changing any settings in one of the instances will
change it for both, but only one will get the change immediately (more info).

[5] Keyboard splits

Don’t create splits directly on your keyboard controller - that could even be dangerous and lead to stuck notes (more info).

[6] Beware of Y cables!LINK

[7] Updates

Don’t perform any updates at least two weeks before your gig. (source)