[blog] Separate your sustain pedal from your controller

Link: Gig Performer | Separate your sustain pedal from your controller

Here’s a quick tip from David :slight_smile:


I love this! It’s very helpful and way easier than trying to do this on my Kronos using Karma routing and midi filters.


I’ve been doing this for years — sadly I thought it was such an obvious thing to do that I never thought about writing it up until someone asked how to do this last week.
Glad it works for you.

Is it the only exception where you don’t use host automation but MIDI ?

I figured that was the way when I was setting up sounds in GP but glad to get confirmation from @dhj as a best practice :rofl:

Pretty much — most plugins do not provide host automation support for Sustain so there’s little choice. The message itself, CC 64, is pretty ubiquitous and generally doesn’t need to be explicitly mapped by a plugin MIDI Learn function.

Also, you generally don’t need to scale the values. So it’s very convenient to just dedicate a block to to it.

Yes, but I meant is the CC#64 MIDI message the only one you use directly?