[blog] How to use OnSong with Gig Performer

In this guest article written by Alexander (@tripleB) you will learn how to use OnSong with Gig Performer.

Link: Gig Performer | How to use OnSong with Gig Performer [guest article]

Thank you very much for this great article and your contribution. :beers:
This is why Gig Performer’s Community is one of the best (if not the best! :slight_smile: ) communities on the Web.


Do not update iOS/iPadOS, say the OnSong devs.

(found this on the OnSong FB group)

I cannot get my ipad to connect to my macbook pro m2 16’ via bluetooth, but it did prior connect, and when I run the audio/midi utility, I do see my iPad as a bluetooth device, but it shows as unconnected.

i was able to prior send MSB,LSB,PC changes to call up a Song(song part) in GP setlist, but now not working, so I have connected my ipad to macbook via USB cable, but now what settings do I need to change in OnSong, and GP to have them be able to receive midi MSB,LSB,PC from a Song in OnSong to GP

I prefer to use OnSong as my Master song repertoire.



What are operating system versions of your macOS and iPadOS?

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

If I connect my iPad Air 5th Gen to my Intel MacBook Pro by USB (with iPad in Airplane Mode), I get the iPad showinig up in the Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup app. If I then click ‘Enable’ under the iPad, it gets a proper entry as an audio device, but then also automatically shows up in GP as a new MIDI Port.

On the iPad, the apps I use with MIDI output now have an entry for “IDAM MIDI Host”. This is the option to use. I have no problems sending MIDI from iPad apps (e.g. Audiobus 3 or TouchOSC) with this configuration.

@npudar Sorry, no idea.

I switched from OnSong to Bandhelper, and meanwhile I removed my iPad completely from my rig :slight_smile:
Everything (… the Bandhelper) now on the macBook…

From what I remember: Both OnSong and Bandhelper: You need to make the iPad visible and establish the connection from the mac side in Audio MIDI connections,

This always worked for my…

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I have been working to get OnSong to send program changes to Song Parts, Set Liost mode, and while I have made some progress, am noticing some unstable errors.

My iPad is sccessfully connected to my MacBook via bluetooth, and OnSong setup to transmit midi program changes via bluetooth midi, on midi channel 1.

GP set up to receive program changes on midi channel 1, from iPad Bluetooth device.

do I need to create anything in my global rackspace to facilitate receiving midi program change messages to select a Song part, in setlist mode?

here is my global midi settings view

this is what my global rackspace looks like

this is how I have setup a song part, to receive a program change.

here are some views of my OnSong settings, you can see ipad bluetooth is connected

here is a sample program change to select a song part in GP

after I selected a different song on the ipad, as below, it did not select the soing part in GP, but actually selected a different song part

you can see I have selected a new song in OnSong…A pirate looks at 40

followed by selecting a new song in OnSong

instead of selecting Bad moon rising (program 7, msb 0, lsb 0), GP pulls up Aint no sunshine , that is actuallt program 3, msb 0, lsb 0)

I cannot risk this not working 100%, so I will have to just pick the song 2x, once on my ipad OnSong list, then pick the matching song in GP setlist/song part 1 etc, then advance thru the songparts until song ends, and then repeat process for each new song.

I even tried picking a different song in GP setlist mode, then in OnSong, tried ‘test message’, and the right song gets pulled up in GP, but then when I go to song list mode in OnSong, or swipe left or right, GP either does not react, or pulls up some randon song, and sometimes the right song.

have also tried shutting everything down, reconnecting to ipad bluetooth, yet still get random errors.

To see what MIDI is being sent to Gig Performer, please use the Global MIDI monitor (from the Window menu). This should help tracking the issue. Select a song on OnSong and then observe the Global MIDI Monitor. I would be surprised that Gig Performer didn’t pull up the right song (i.e. if a PC event is configured for a song part).

Thanks for the quick reply. So I have discovered some very strange results. Here is a recap.

  1. I have checked the OnSong Midi SEND message (attached to a Son g), and as an example, SONG Title “A Pirate Looks at Forty”, is sending the following

Midi channel - 1
PC - 0
MSB - 0
LSB - 0

I then ran the Global Midi Monitor, and here is what I see being received by GP, the FIRST time I select the OnSong SONG “A Pirate looks at Forty”< which looks correct

Now I selected a different song in OnSong (song #4 “Ain’t No Sunshine”, and as you can see from Global Midi Monitor, the first few messages are accurate, which should be Program Change 3 (MSB 0, LSB 0) on Midi Channel 1. Then you will see a series of program changes being received going from Program change #s 0,34,51,114,3,104,84,119,8,7. So the FINAL song that gets selected in GP is SONG “Bad Mon Rising” which is Setup in OnSong as Program 7 (MSB 0, LSB 0) on midi channel 1.

I then selected in OnSong, SONG 2, (“Achy Nreaky Heart”, ", and this is what I get

As you can see, it starts by receiving the correct program change, program change 1 on Midi channel 1, but then shows Program change 0, dfollowed by progeam changes 34,51,114,3,104,84,119,88,7

In every case, the FINAL program change is Program Change 7, which results in the WRIONG song part being called up in GP.

Here is the setting for the OnSong Song 2.

Let me know what else I can try, so as to get this working. I have three large set lists, on e with 86 songs, one with 110 songs, and one with 230 songs that I need to start building out inside GP, but want to make sure my process and settings are correct and working.

Thanks for your help.


I don’t have any experience with OnSong, but something is obviously misconfigured in OnSong, since bunch of unnecessary MIDI PC events are being sent to GP.

Hm, it looks like you have more than one PC in your OnSong file?

What do you see, when you go into edit mode of your failing OnSong Song?

Is there more than one Midi: line?

I don’t use OnSong anymore, but I remember some similar behaviour some time ago…
This screenshot is an example from my last setup which was working OK and very stable.

I moved to Bandhelper on iPad, and now completely on my MBP, bit that’s a different story…
OnSong is very reliable!

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Here are some screen shots of the Midi Program change messages for first 3 songs in my OnSong song list

As you can see, in every case, only 1 midi program change being sent from OnSong.

I saw a suggestion to switch to Bandhelper, but not really convenient, given I have over 4000 charts in OnSong.

For now I will have to just select a song in GP SETLIST, and then in OnSong. Not ideal but workable until I get this resolved. Any other suggestions welcome.



But as shown in your earlier post, GP is clearly receiving extra messages from your iPad bluetooth connection.
I would install Protokol on the iPad, and see what MIDI messages are being sent by the pad when you change songs. Then you might be able to better root out where those messages are coming from.

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I installed Protokol, and as you can see, my OnSong midi program message is accurate, and I selected 3 different songs, and ALL were correct sending a SINGLE PC number, not multiples like what GP midi monitor showed coming in[quote=“edm11, post:13, topic:11376, full:true”]

But as shown in your earlier post, GP is clearly receiving extra messages from your iPad bluetooth connection.
I would install Protokol on the iPad, and see what MIDI messages are being sent by the pad when you change songs. Then you might be able to better root out where those messages are coming from.

I took your advice and installed Protokol and then I selected three different songs in the OnSong app, and the outgoing midi program change messages were all accurate and showed a single program change. Each time I selected a song in OnSong, but the global midi monitor and gig performer shows multiple program change messages when I select a single song in on song, so the issue does not seem to be on the iPad side

And again, this is whay GP global midi monitor showed as being received when I selectbsongs innOnSong

Something funky is going on.
Why does it send SysEx on every song change?

I wonder does the same problem occur when connected using an USB cable.


The SysEx Manufacturer ID 00 02 24 identifies OnSong LLC :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Looks like something in your OnSong settings causes OnSong to send this additional SysEx and the program changes to GP. Do you use any other remote eqiuipment?

Do you have any other MIDI apps open on your iPad?

Did you try to contact OnSong support to get some additional support?

BTW: I’ve never seen OnSong SysEx on my Mac…

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I would’ve tried OnSong, but I use Android devices – it seems that there is no Android version yet.

I saw your Dropbox video (deleted now).

I was worried my entire dropbox got shared in error.

Ill do so more work today and hope to resolve.


Do I have to have my ipad bluetooth midi device as a midi in and/or midi device in every rackspace, or should it be in a global tackspace? Or if I am just wanting in setlist mode, to have the first song part of a song send a PROGRAM CHANGE to my ipad (via bluetooth) to select the matching song in OnSong.

Also, if i have backing tracks, what is the best way to wire the streaming audio player, so I can use audio file markers to select rackspaces, AND send a midi message via bluetooth to my ipad to select the song title in OnSong