[blog] How to make various elements of Gig Performer bigger

The latest blog is here: Gig Performer | How to make various elements of Gig Performer bigger

More tips across the community will be indexed in this thread.

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Nice setlist :slight_smile:

Indeed. Big like for the songs! :slight_smile:

There are some nice updates here. For touchscreen operation though, I wish the dead space on sides of the panels would be used for larger scroll bars (for rackspaces & songs). It’s hard enough to grab with a mouse, pretty much impossible with finger.

Did you check out this System Action parameter?

ScrollFrontPanel - allows you to scroll the front panel. Note: attach to a global knob widget or learn a MIDI control.

Its not the panels I want to scroll. Kind of the opposite. The list of songs (and rackspaces) on the left side. That’s what I referred to as difficult to grab that scroll bar even with a mouse, much less with a finger touch. It is a VERY skinny scroll bar. Both the left and right sides of the panels have huge real estate for grabbing and scrolling the panels themselves, but we don’t need both sides really. Or not as big. That way making more space for a wider/larger scroll bar for the songs/rackspaces scrolling.

Or, as an alternative, it would be nice if a similar system actions existed for scrolling songs/rackspaces.

I see. You meant the rackspace (or song) browser.

You could try the the Rackspace selector extension.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a scroll bar in GP. I’m on Mac, so maybe the trackpad makes it easier. But a mouse scroll wheel would achieve the same thing.

For touchscreens, doesn’t the standard finger swipe work?

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When using a mouse (at home) it’s a non issue. However, live I use the touchscreen all the time. Although improvements have been made, the UI is still not 100% touchscreen friendly.

The finger swipe does not work on songs or rackspaces unfortunately. As soon as you touch it, it selects whatever is there. BTW, how does that work in your songs/rackspace extension? Is that swipeable?

Oh, ok. All I’ve tested with is extending my laptop screen to my old iPad. The finger swipe will work as expected on iPad.

And in my experience, many touchscreen monitors don’t react as well as an iPad. You take the risk to have a widget being triggered while you try the two fingers stripe.

When using a touchscreen in the rackspaces/variations list, it is also very easy to grab an element and to reorder it while you only wanted to select it. It happened several times to me.

Also in the blog article, it is explained how to move the vertical separator to enlarge the panel view. This is close to impossible to do with a touchscreen. It would nice to have a larger separator that works like the Global Panel separtor which is very easy to select on a touchscreen. But being able to enlarge the names in the rackspaces list, was already a game changer for the touchscreen user I am. :+1:


How does that work in your songs/rackspace extension? Is that swipeable? I’d install it and try it but have a huge gig in few hours and don’t want to mess last minute. :slight_smile:

Pics, or it ain’t happened :joy:
Break a leg :beers:


I’m not doing anything special, so I suspect you would have the same issue of it being registered as a click.

Good luck with the gig!

LOL I’ll probably have pictures, but let me brag a little if I may? It is the same band (or more accurately the outgrowth of that band with still some original members) that had the huge hit “nana na na,nana na na, heeey goodbye”. Except this version of the band is a much more fun and hip! :wink: Yes it’s an OLD song! The drummer was 17yrs old at the time, and the band was called Steam. Gig Performer tonight, as always, held up without a glitch! :slight_smile:


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I’ve just updated this blog article with a new tip. Teaser:

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