[blog] How to install and use the Stream Deck extension in Gig Performer

Here’s a treat for all Stream Deck users: Gig Performer | How to install and use the Stream Deck extension in Gig Performer


If you don’t have an actual Stream Deck device, you can try:

  • Stream Deck Android application,
  • Stream Deck iOS application, or
  • This Web-based emulator → LINK

Hi Nemanja,

As a StreamDeck user I think this is great news. I haven’t been able to locate the archive file to download from GitHub. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

This is the latest extension build: Release beta-2 · timothyschoen/GigPerformer-Streamdeck · GitHub

The downloads are on the ‘Releases’ page (you might also need to expand the ‘Assets’ section). The direct link to Releases is: Releases · timothyschoen/GigPerformer-Streamdeck · GitHub

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Which StreamDeck do you folks think is the best model to use for Gig Performer?

Also, is there a similar SDK etc. for the RJM Mastermind?

We have a blog article: Gig Performer | Controlling the RJM GT Mastermind from Gig Performer

This is such a valuable tool. How can I add a button for Prev Rack and one for Next Rack. THanks guys

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It currently works with variations.

If you want Next/Previous rackspace, you can add two buttons, map them to the corresponding System Action parameters, add them handles, and finally add two buttons in the Stream Deck application – of course, don’t forget to match the handles you had previously defined.

Thanks @rank13 … I got the StreamDeck extension working with your help.

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Hi @npudar, will the extension work with the newer Stream Deck that has knobs? Of course, I imagine you simply connect it to a knob widget in GP, but does the extension have knob function?

The extension doesn’t yet support the knobs or screen. But you can use it in conjunction with the Stream Deck Midi plugin, which does support the knobs. It works just like a standard midi controller, including bidirectional sync with GP.


You can find this ‘Stream Deck Midi’ plugin on the Stream Deck app/store.
The additional documentation for it is at the developer’s website: StreamDeck Midi plugin

I guess that screen and knobs will be supported at one point by @timothyschoen :slight_smile:


Im finding the next and previous variation/song part button scripts on the stream deck work in rackspaces but not in setlist

For songs (the Setlist view), you have ‘Next Song’ and ‘Previous Song’.

If you are on a budget, as I am, And have some iPhones and Android phones, here is a tip.
Elgato Stream Deck Mobil offers a free version for you iPhone. Only 6 buttons (in the free version) but with added pages, you can do a lot on the iPhone. So I use the Free iPhone version.
They do have independent plans available for the iPhone and Android, both for

2.99 per mo. (first month free for trial)
24.99 (annual subscription)
49.99 (lifetime purchase)
So I have a larger Android phone, which I chose the 2.99 per month
Since you can have separate profiles in Stream Deck, you get a lot of possibilities for use.

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What is your experience with the Android version?

It seems that people are not very happy with it.

I’m having trouble getting GigPerformer to recognize that the .dylib file is in the newly created Extensions Folder. When I drag other extensions there it prompts me to install on start, but not when I’ve got the new Stream Deck one in there. I’ve got the Universal version on my 2020 M1 MacBook Air.

It just occurred to me that I’m running 4.5 and not 4.8. Going to update and see if that fixes it.

“In this article you will learn how to install and use the Stream Deck extension in Gig Performer 4.7 and later”

I just updated to 4.8.2 and still no luck : (.