Blog article on bypassing plugin automatically when volume is off


I wrote this tutorial the other day that might be of interest to some users here. It’s a nice way to save cycles (if necessary) by bypassing plugins automatically when the volume is zero


That’s fantastic! I haven’t attempted scripting yet, but this tutorial looks so simple that I believe I can start learning how it’s done. Thanks for all you do for the Gig Performer community.


This is great. Can we have this as a text file to copy and paste, modify, etc? Thanks!


I don’t have that script handy (in fact, I’m not even sure I kept it) but the entire script is only a few lines to type out (and typing it will probably help to get you comfortable with using GP Script)


True. I’m thinking it would be nice to have a collection of these in a folder somewhere for us lazy dudes!


OCR is your friend :wink:

And the reason I post this, the above screen is incomplete… easy to left things out.
But its complete on the blog post :wink:

   AaltoPlugin : PluginBlock
   SynthVol : PluginBlock

// Called when a plugin block parameter value has changed
On ParameterValueChanged(parameterNumber : integer, parameterValue : double) from SynthVol
    if parameterNumber == 0
        then SetPluginBypassed(SomePlugin, parameterValue < 0.1)


Yay. Thank you!