Black Friday deals 2023

I was going to make a post about one plugin on sale, but thought we might benefit to make this a post for Black Friday deals.

If you see a plugin you rate highly or use regularly in GP on sale at a great price for this Black Friday season, then please post a link in this thread. It would be good to keep them all in one place to make them easy to find. Here are my picks so far to kick us off:

Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Limiter 6 GE - $19

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX v2 - $69.99

XILS-lab XILS V+ - $49

AIR Hype - £29.99

AIR Electric - $19.99

Lounge Lizard EP 4 - £69.95

Arturia Pigments 4 - £86.60

Arturia Analog Lab 4 - £86.60


I find that Plugin Boutique has a good source of deals on plugins year round and especially during Black Friday Sales

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Arturia’s Black Friday dropped this afternoon. There’s an imporant note for existing Arturia customers about logging in for customer loyalty prices based on other stuff you own. It made a big difference off the landing page price for me. Your mileage may vary, etc, etc…


Fantastic! I just nabbed the FX collection for €69!


Sweet! I picked up V Collection 9 for $199 USD and Pigments and FX for $69USD each.


Native Instruments has most software at half price now.


The organ plugin Blue3 (as well as the Leslie simulation Spin) from GG-Audio have actually a discount of 15% (valid until Dec. 3rd)


Have to give a shout-out to Valhalla, who doesn’t do Black Friday pricing but has very low prices all the time and their reverbs and delays sound amazing. Digital Reverb & Delay Plugins | Valhalla DSP Plugins

Also Korg is running a 50% off until Nov 30th. This includes Modwave, Opsix and Wavestate, which don’t go on sale often.


Alphabetic list on Synthtopia :wink:

Maybe check the date? Or is it a typo?
However 2014 doesn’t fit! :wink:


Don’t know what changed the link… but now corrected :wink:

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VI-Control also does a nice job tracking sales:


It’s great to see you guys posting links to general lists of Black Friday deals, but it would also be good to get some specific suggestions of plugins you use or rate highly that will have a Black Friday promotional price.


But I think it so much depends on what you are doing with GP. For me, I am playing keyboards in a bunch of bands including and 80s band (performing lots of synth wave pop). My main purchases were synths and sample libraries. I rarely use much additional effects. At this point, I think I have pretty much everything I need. (I probably would be best off learning how to better use the tools I have).

My purchases would tend to be pretty different than, for example, a guitarist who is “using GP to create an unlimited guitar modeller.”

So, probably the user has to identify the type of think they are looking for. Then we could offer the benefit of our experiences.


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The point I was making was, if you recommend a plugin because of your first hand experience and it is on a great Black Friday deal, then post a link as someone else who may be looking for that specific type of plugin would welcome a qualified endorsement of it. Of course we all may have different requirements, but there will nearly always someone else who would like the same plugin you recommend.

Basically, lets have some specific curated suggestions that save people from having to look through the mile-long lists of every Black Friday deal going. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s exactly my thought too!
Every music gear related website you visit in these days offers a complete list of everything… but getting a special hint from a “known” person has got a whole diffrent (and much better) flavor.
So i also would enjoy to see more “quality” rather than “quantity”.


Good news for all guitarists out there - Neural DSP offers a 50% discount on most of their plugins! :sunglasses:
I personally like them very much, and in the forum also are various ready made rackspaces available for diffrent archetype plugins!


I agree strongly with this. Reading arbitrary lists from arbitrary sites written by people who often have affiliate relationships with companies and so get kickbacks is not nearly as useful as recommendations from people actually using plugins and who don’t personally benefit from recommendations.


I’m a big fan of the Rhodes V plugin, currently on sale:

and they just released a V Racks plugin that is all the signal processing of the Rhodes minus the tone engine. it’s on sale 50% off…

… however I don’t know what I think of it yet. it seems to be re-imaging the stereo field even when all the internal switches are off, so it’s null state is still doing ‘something’ and on the Arturia Wurli and the Pianoteq Pianet I tried with it, I didn’t like the result of whatever this phase/field ‘feature/issue’ is. I’ve emailed support about this… will update.

but yeah, it’s on sale.

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One specific suggestion based on personal experience of using their plugins a lot (I own most of them!) is Audiority - who currently have a BF sale on. Superb quality and a nice mix of plugins that emulate both old things and original design plugins.

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